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Report predicts 95% of US cars will be autonomous by 2030

Report predicts 95% of US cars will be autonomous by 2030

A lot can happen in 13 years. New technologies emerge and become commonplace in the market, political and economic climates shift several times over, and industries rise and fall with changes in consumer demand. If a new report titled Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030 is correct, the transportation industry is about to undergo a very transformative decade. […]

Who is responsible for autonomous car regulation?

Regulations surrounding autonomous vehicles are a mess right now. It seems like every city in the country are asking themselves how they will address an autonomous car on their roadways. Meanwhile, state and federal agencies are doing the exact same thing. The problem that autonomous vehicles present is a new one that has never been […]


Autonomous Mercedes will spare occupants over pedestrians

Ever since autonomous cars became a real thing, people have struggled with the moral dilemma of training these vehicles on what to do when faced with a situation where there is no safe solution. In a recent interview with Car and Driver, Mercedes-Benz executive Christoph von Hugo revealed that their self-driving cars would choose to save […]

Taking a look back at the year in drones in 2016

Taking a look back at the year in drones in 2016

2016 was an incredible year for drones. Drones – especially those with cameras on them – have given us a new perspective on the world around us. Content creators have been producing HD videos from heights that were only a few years ago only possible if you had a big Hollywood budget. Today, sweeping skylines and […]

Sigfox and Thinxtra announce new Hong Kong IoT network

Sigfox and Thinxtra announce new Hong Kong IoT network

Sigfox, a global leader in connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things, along with its operator, Thinxtra, is launching a new IoT network in Hong Kong. The network is expected to be built in 2017. This announcement comes as more cities across the world consider adopting more smart city technologies. Sigfox’s network would facilitate these […]


Will vehicle-to-vehicle communication in new cars save lives?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a new rule which will require automakers to equip all light-duty vehicles to include vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. V2V technologies enable cars to “talk” with each other, alerting their drivers to potential dangers as they arise in traffic. See also: In 2013, there were over 5.9 million crashes […]


Hey IoT devs: Deadline is looming for that Bluetooth innovation award

We know it’s holiday time…but innovators working on creations in the IoT space using Bluetooth technology need to submit their idea and/or prototype for consideration for the Imagine Blue Awards by December 13. This awards program is run by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). Competitors will compete for cash prizes between $5,000 and $10,000, with a purpose of inspiring […]