Cleveland State University has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to promote research and educational opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership came about thanks to a $200,000 Cleveland Foundation grant awarded in January in order to create the Digital Excellence Initiative.

This partnership, which includes a joint foundation between the two institutions, establishes a regional research program that focuses on IoT systems and devices. These systems range from small consumer devices to larger, more complex industrial-grade systems.

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These technologies have an effect on virtually every aspect of our lives, from the convenience of an automated vacuum cleaner to the lifesaving medical devices that allow medical professionals to better monitor their patients.

“This partnership will further the regional effort to make Cleveland a leader in the Internet of Things revolution, expanding the development of new innovations, increasing technology transfer and enhancing economic investment,” Berkman said in a statement. “I am proud to join with President Snyder to announce this unique collaboration between our two institutions.”

New industries in an old industry town

Cleveland has a history of being a touchstone in American industry. From large automotive plants to electronics manufacturing, Cleveland has long been a symbol of economic growth through innovation. This initiative provides a regional benefit not only to the two universities but to the region as a whole by making it a more appealing place for IoT startups.

The partnership will provide a base on which course development, student exchanges, joint research programs, and economically beneficial partnerships with third-party businesses in the area can take place.

Students taking advantage of the new courses and resources made possible by the Digital Excellence Initiative will be better positioned to enter the workplace having a real-world knowledge of the latest IoT technologies. This makes Cleveland not only a better place to go to study and learn about the Internet of Things, but to find educated candidates to fill positions.