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How Oklahoma plans to get just a little brighter

Silver Spring Networks has selected Oklahoma Gas & Electric to launch its IPv6 IoT platform and Streetlight Vision control software to connect and manage up to 250,000 LED street lights throughout its Oklahoma service area. “Connecting the street lights across our service territory is another example of our focus on innovative solutions and a natural […]

Check out a Down Under IoT solution to environmental quality

According to the head of an Australian environmental consulting services company, the first part of improving environmental quality is tracking it, overcoming regular methods that only capture a few locations and focus on basic displays of real-time data. Robin Ormerod, the Managing Director of EnviroSuite, says, “Often, the information displayed lacks context, and it is […]


DrnkPay helps drunks make a few less bad decisions

A new mobile payment device was recently introduced that can utilize a breathalyzer and fitness tracker-like band to help prevent people from spending too much money when they’re intoxicated. DrnkPay is a new app that is able to track and monitor how much individuals have drunk, and limit more purchases if they’ve had too much […]

I’m riding here! New York City prepares for autonomous cars

Get ready New York City — Driverless cars are coming your way soon. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that a program to allow testing of self-driving vehicles is officially open to applications from manufacturers of cars or companies working for those manufacturers. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that a program to allow testing […]


Can we use wearables to predict your future?

Imagine having a wearable that is capable of warning you when you are about to start a fight and can provide you with alternate behavioral solutions.  The study of biometric data in prediction models for human behavior is an interesting peek inside what the future of wearables may be like. See Also: Check out Michael […]

StreetDrone zooms in on universities

StreetDrone, a UK-based company believes autonomous vehicles should be easier for those in the education sector to acquire, complete with all the sensors and tech needed to provide a platform for research and study. In an effort to accomplish this mission, they have created the StreetDrone ONE, an electric vehicle designed using the Renault Twizy […]

Fed workers overwhelmingly feel naked…digitally

In conjunction with 451 Research, Thales has released its second annual data security research brief.  The 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Federal Edition indicates that 96% of federal workers believe they are “very” or “extremely” vulnerable to data breaches. This number is larger than all other sectors polled by the report. Despite feeling extremely vulnerable […]


Verizon invests in Renovo to build on self-driving offerings

According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon just joined a $10 million investment round in Renovo Auto, the autonomous vehicle startup that became famous after turning a vintage DeLorean into a self-driving vehicle. Founded in 2010, this California-based company builds technology that combines self-driving software, safety systems, and data analytics. The company’s many sensors can […]

Acer Leap Ware enters the smartwatch market

With the sudden increase in fitness smartwatches, primarily driven by Google’s Android Wear smartwatch software, the market has seen a big surge in wearables. And Acer Leap Ware is one of the newest watches to look at for your wrist. See Also: Qualcomm discusses the future of smartwatches – and they’re bullish Acer has played […]

Cleveland Browns get ready to WHOOP it up

Some lucky NFL Players were given the opportunity to check out WHOOP straps recently, at the NFL Players Association reps meeting. Ibraheim Campbell, the Cleveland Browns defensive back was so impressed by the gadget that he hasn’t stopped using it since then. “I’ve seen my awareness of myself and how I’m doing increase. It’s been […]

Adobe sees VR and wearables as next great travel disruptors

A recent report from Adobe Digital Insights claims that augmented and virtual reality, along with wearable technology, will be the newest travel industry disruptors. Mentions of wearable gadgets for traveling went up by 44% after the Ocean Medallion was introduced by Princess Cruises back in January.  The Ocean Medallion is a small device that can […]

Seniors getting helping hand from new wearables

Wearables are now a significant part of corporate wellness and remote patient monitoring programs.  However, long-term investment from seniors remains a challenge, despite an increasing need for seniors to have better healthcare options. See Also: Richer, sicker seniors to drive medical wearables market growth Garmin and Tactio Health Group, two major companies involved in telehealth […]

Boston University looks for insights to Alzheimer’s from wearables

Boston University looks for insights to Alzheimer’s from wearables

Boston University researchers have been working on creating wearable devices that that can detect signs of early dementia and Alzheimer’s. The goal of this three-year research project is to reveal minute physical changes that correspond with the slow mental decline associated with this illness. Right now, it is hard to detect early preclinical Alzheimer’s. See […]