A new mobile payment device was recently introduced that can utilize a breathalyzer and fitness tracker-like band to help prevent people from spending too much money when they’re intoxicated.

DrnkPay is a new app that is able to track and monitor how much individuals have drunk, and limit more purchases if they’ve had too much to drink, by connecting the device to a user’s credit and debit cards through the app.

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A financial services consult, iBe TSE, developed this new system, deciding to participate when research produced by OnePoll showed half of alcohol drinkers in the UK between the ages of 18-34 have wished they hadn’t made another purchase when they were intoxicated.

“This is a problem many of us have encountered, so we decided to create a simple solution which uses the latest technology,” stated Francesco Scarnera, CEO of iBe TSE.

“Once you’ve hit your self-imposed limit, the app will lock your card and prevent you making further payments. It’s up to you whether to block all payments, or just certain ‘weak points’, such as takeaways, clubs, or that flight that seems like such a great idea at 4am.”

Finally a pocket breathalyzer

Utilizing a breathalyzer to monitor how much someone has had to drink is not a revolutionary concept, but not everyone wants to carry one around with them.  That is why using the wearable, Quantac Tally, is a much more convenient choice for many people.  This device is capable of analyzing the alcohol content in a user’s bloodstream before sending information to the app being used.

iBe TSE is presently meeting with banks and card providers about sending the technology to their customers during the next 12 months.  Meanwhile, it is likely that the Quantac Tally will be sold independently, to be used with the app. Although this may not be something that everyone embraces, there is most definitely a market for this.