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Can Jiyo’s new health platform keep Aspen healthy and happy?

Jiyo, a new comprehensive digital platform introduced by Dr. Deepak Chopra to discuss holistic approaches to health and well-being, just launched its “Smart Cities-Internet of Well-being” program in partnership with Aspen City of Well-being, a non-profit organization whose focus is measuring, prioritizing and improving the overall health of community members in Aspen. Jiyo’s localized platform […]

Bellevue takes cash to develop smart city platform

The White House Smart Cities program has issued a $75,000 grant to the city of Bellevue to design a way to monitor and study city vitals from one large platform, which would improve the way the city runs and interacts with its community members. Bellevue has partnered with CH2M engineering and Kansas City, Missouri to […]

Can wearables help prevent addicts from relapsing?

A recent project — MD2K — won $10.8 million from the National Institutes of Health to focus on developing hardware, including wearables, and software that gathers and analyzes health information generated by wearable sensors. The main purpose of MD2K is to use these sensors and data to be aware of and stop adverse health events from […]

How to repair damaged wearables with magnetic ink

As technology introduces more and more options, wearables that monitor various health and wellness factors in individuals are quickly becoming a popular focus in the tech world. Things such as onesies that monitor a baby’s sleeping and sports bras that track workouts are starting to enter the market, but the electronic components can be so […]


Samsung wants you to say hello to Bixby

Samsung announced this week that it will be incorporating digital assistant technology, named Bixby, into its upcoming products. This AI assistant was trademarked by Samsung last month and is created to act as a digital assistant for managing personal information. Vice Chairman of Samsung electronics, Lee Jae-yong, explained the company’s goals of improving its position […]

Hong Kong plans to roll out smart city trials in Kowloon East

In Kowloon East, Hong Kong’s testing ground for smart city development, officials are asking for the public’s opinion on a suggested framework for the city. Four trials for smart city solutions will be conducted, beginning now through 2017 year’s end, in order to determine how practical they are and how well they work. See Also: […]


Autonomous scooter software passes a critical driving test

A recent trial for a mobility scooter that is self-driving completes a lengthy process of testing the software designed by researchers from the National University of Singapore, the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The same sensor configuration and software has been used in trials of golf […]

Lux Research asks: Just how valuable is that patent?

According to Lux Research, investors have invested $4.3 billion into the development of sensors over the past ten years.  However it’s the pattern of the 28,927 sensor patents that were given since 1975 that actually unveils the value and potential of these patents. Lux Research studied patent trends for five kinds of sensors.  These included […]

Smart cars just aren’t ready for the car wash

With progressing technology, autonomous vehicles are able to differentiate between dangerous obstacles and non-threatening objects much more easily and accurately than they used to. However, the car computers have still not perfected the process to the level that is needed for circumstances outside the norm.  For example, driving one of these smart cars through a […]


Can this new wearable provide insight into epilepsy?

A new wearable system was introduced last month that is designed to help epilepsy patients receive proper care when needed.  The system, named MyCareCentric Epilepsy, combines a Microsoft Band wristband, a mobile app, machine learning, shared care records, and data analysis tools. MyCareCentric Epilepsy works by placing a large variety of patient information into a […]

MIT-led group uses machines to fix vocal problems

An MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital group believes that machine learning can play a role in better understanding speech disorders and correcting vocal issues. The team recently described using a wearable gadget to gather accelerometer data to determine differences in people with Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD) compared to a control group.  The individuals with MTD […]


Illumio releases new templates that offer better security

Adaptive security company Illumio, the just released Illumio Security Templates, offering ready-to-use security policies for core data center and cloud applications. They are pre-made to secure common applications, providing segmentation without having to reconfigure the network. These templates can be quickly used to secure applications including Exchange, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server and MongoDB rapidly. These […]

Canadians set to test this Astroskin smart shirt in space

The Canadian Space Agency just signed a $2.4m deal with Carré Technologies to test a smart shirt that can be remotely monitored via several sensors from extremely far distances. The shirt is designed to keep track of the wearer’s health and will be worn by Canadian astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, during a six-month space mission aboard […]

Otto and Budweiser buys the world the first autonomous trucking round

Budweiser and Otto just achieved a major feat, completing the world’s first shipment by autonomous truck. Otto announced this accomplishment today by first stating, “We’re not ones to sit around idly. We are driven by an urgency to make our transportation network safer — and more efficient — for drivers and consumers alike.” See Also: Will autonomous vehicles cruise the factories […]

Could driverless cars save lives during a hurricane?

A recent CityLab report suggests that driverless car technology for evacuations might be a good solution for minimizing loss of life and the amount of destruction that occurs during hurricane season. Referencing the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew, the article points out that the level of destruction was much larger in the very poor neighborhoods.  […]