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Paging Dr. Robot to the operating room, stat

Engineers and surgeons at the Children’s National Medical Center and Johns Hopkins recently disclosed a new robotics machine that could complete surgical tasks on soft tissue. To show how it works, the team programmed the machine to suture together two ends of a pig’s bowel. According to a report published in Science Translational Medicine, The […]

Chatbot can answer all of your cannabis questions

With the rapidly spreading legalization of medical marijuana, and it becoming a more available and acceptable form of treatment for individuals, many people are left with questions that need answers. A Canadian company has stepped up to this task by creating the world’s first AI-powered chatbot for answering questions about cannabis. Lift Cannabis Co., based […]


Smart city transformation scheduled for Ipswich

The Ipswich City Council, located in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, recently announced plans to move forward with a “smart city” agenda. Global consulting firm Accenture has been selected to manage this transformation and help implement plans. Blueprints will be developed to improve community engagement, examine city operations and grow digital technology. See Also: Smart cities […]

Are wearables exposing us to unwanted health risks?

In the growing age of the Internet of Things (IoT), the increased exposure to radiation has become a topic of concern, and more articles are starting to pop up explaining this little understood topic.  Recently, Dr. Rajan Pandey discussed these health hazards, especially with wearable devices, beginning with an interesting comparison. “Back when smoking was accepted for both men […]


Smart cities market to double to $1.4 trillion by 2020

According to a recently published report by Grand View Research, the global smart cities market will hit $1.4 trillion in 2020, nearly triple the global market size of $568 billion back in 2013. The main factors leading to this increase are the rapidly expanding population, speedy urbanization and industrialization.  Smart cities are designed and built to cater to a […]


Yamaha ramps up autonomous motorbike efforts

In the growing race to emerge the leader in self-driving technology, Yamaha hopes the third time is the charm as it attempts to break into the car market and to incorporate self-driving technology into motorcycles. However, the firm’s CEO acknowledges that it will most likely take close to a decade to bring the autonomous technology to […]

Phuket and Busan getting smarter

The Thai government has announced $12 million will be allocated in its 2016 budget to begin turning the tourist mecca of Phuket into a smart city. Though the term varies in definition, a “smart city” often includes new technological updates and monitoring systems designed to assist existing infrastructure. These technologies include incorporating programs such as […]


Soon-to-launch Ayda helps you with your baby-making

Ayda, a promising new health wearable taking family planning to a whole new level that was founded just last year, is set to launch soon. The firm raised around $600,000 in seed capital and was recently named a “High Potential Startup” by Enterprise Ireland. Ayda’s mobile phone app  – currently in the design stages – tracks […]