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Echo Labs debuts a wearable medical lab on your wrist

A small startup company, Echo Labs, is working to integrate a new level of health monitoring into wearable technology. Echo Labs provides health care organizations with analytics to allow for better care of their patients, decrease hospital admissions, and reduce spending. Its first generation wearable offers health information by creating continuous vital sign tracking. See […]


University releases prototype for monitoring hydration

A new wearable idea was recently introduced to the public by North Carolina State University.  The low-cost gadget is designed to measure skin hydration and inform users when they need to drink more water. The wearable prototype is lightweight and great for a variety of people, because it is stretchy.  It offers a way for […]

smart cities

After Columbus’ win, Cincinnati plans to be the smart city leader

After Columbus won the Smart City Challenge last year, cross-state rivals in Greater Cincinnati are banking on being the Buckeye State’s smart city leaders. Committed to research and working quickly to make it happen, experts from Cincinnati Bell, government agencies, universities, and companies such as Nexigen are working together to speed along tech, while studying […]

Contactless payments just got easier in Singapore

Residents of Singapore now have the option of contactless payment wearables, thanks to the collaboration between EZ-Link, Watchdata Technologies and Garmin. In late January, two contactless payment options were introduced. “This collaboration with EZ-Link puts Singapore on the road map as the first country in South-east Asia to offer a contactless payment solution where you […]


Intel shifting to focus on the autonomous driving industry

Intel has been working diligently over the past year to improve its role in autonomous technology.  With the PC industry not really moving, and the self-driving car industry exploding, this move may make good sense for the firm. Self-driving vehicles are fast becoming a big deal, and are expected to create huge social and economic […]

City governments work to improve citizen experience

In an age where citizens are operating at internet speeds, cities are being slowed down by unwieldy city government processes. A city government exists to serve its community members, yet having to spend hours to even months waiting for things such as acquiring the proper permits or licenses, to getting approval to move forward with […]

smart cities

Milwaukee enters the trending smart city initiative

The city of Milwaukee has plans to join the emerging group of smart cities across the country, and the city has been working with a group of local companies to create a framework to make this happen. “We’re not starting from scratch,” says Erick Shambarger, director of the city’s Environmental Collaboration Office. See also: How […]

The race is on to create real-time alcohol monitoring wearable

Last year, the US government hosted a competition to develop a new alcohol monitoring wearable and ended up giving the $200,000 first prize to San Francisco-based, BACtrack, for creating a prototype of a wrist wearable that can detect alcohol diffusing through a person’s skin. The wearable works by studying blood alcohol levels through the skin […]


Uber told to pull over self-driving fleet by California’s DMV

Uber appears to be standing their ground and not planning to conform to the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ request for them to acquire a permit first before testing its self-driving cars on the streets of San Francisco. The DMV explains that it approves the responsible exploration of self-driving vehicles; however, the permit process for […]

Tech world aims to tackle the mental health issue next

Several months ago, CCS Insight surveyed 2,000 people in the US and UK about what they would most like to have tracked about themselves, and a large portion of them answered with, “stress levels.” It looks as though their requests are being answered.  Mental health is a big focus in the tech industry right now. […]

Malaysia aims to leap forward in smart home technology

I-City and Huawei have recently combined forces to speed up the development of more advanced smart homes that can track and manage appliances, lights, air conditioners and various other devices.  This project is possible due to the popularity of Cloud, Communications and IoT in the marketplace, and is scheduled to target Kuala Lumpur in Comverse@I-City […]

Can wearable technology help the elderly?

Recent studies indicate that by 2030 the United States population will be comprised of around 74 million elderly individuals.  Such a percentage is reason to look at new senior health solutions that can provide proper, swift and affordable care. Adults are living longer lives now, and they are experiencing new health, economic and living struggles.  […]

Garmin provides new safety feature in its fitness trackers

Garmin has added a new safety option to several of its fitness monitors with the addition of a new feature named Beacon, which was designed by Strava. Beacon, which was unveiled earlier this year, provides several features that focus on keeping hikers, cyclists, runners and other people safer when they exercise.  When these individuals leave […]

Local Motors unveils 3D printed autonomous car with drone

Engineers from Local Motors have recently found a way to utilize a self-driving car, a 3D printer and a drone, all together in one amazing machine. Working directly with Grant Imahara of Mythbusters, the engineers have produced a 3D printed, autonomous vehicle that comes equipped with its own 3D printed drone. Mouser Electronics provided the […]