StreetDrone, a UK-based company believes autonomous vehicles should be easier for those in the education sector to acquire, complete with all the sensors and tech needed to provide a platform for research and study.

In an effort to accomplish this mission, they have created the StreetDrone ONE, an electric vehicle designed using the Renault Twizy including a suite of autonomous driving sensors.

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Created in order to provide a hands-on approach to learning for students who would like to study the growing field of autonomous technology, the StreetDrone ONE offers several package options with different sensor load-outs and connectivity options. It has Velodyne LiDAR, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, a 360-degree camera, 4 lower resolution optical cameras and RADAR, but you can also adjust the configurations to include just a few of those, according to your needs. Students and researchers can also supplement their own parts and software due to its modular design.

Should be available soon

This car’s purpose is to make it more affordable for educational institutions to provide real-world learning opportunities about autonomous cars before students enter the marketplace. This vehicle is available for pre-orders right now, and will begin rolling out to UK university customers in August.

As colleges and universities continue to ramp up their educational programs in this market, other companies continue to try and capitalize on the growing demand for autonomous vehicle platforms.  However, StreetDrone is likely to rise in leader status with the introduction of StreetDrone ONE.