Some lucky NFL Players were given the opportunity to check out WHOOP straps recently, at the NFL Players Association reps meeting. Ibraheim Campbell, the Cleveland Browns defensive back was so impressed by the gadget that he hasn’t stopped using it since then.

“I’ve seen my awareness of myself and how I’m doing increase. It’s been big on my sleep awareness and sleeping habits,” Campbell explains.  

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Campbell believes that taking care of his body is extremely important. At 24 years of age, this third-year pro’s role may continue to grow with the Browns.  The 5-foot-11, 208-pound strong safety puts a lot of focus on working out and staying in shape, which is why his interest in technology revolves around devices that help him to better recover.

As far as the WHOOP Strap goes, “I don’t take it off,” Campbell declares. “It’s pretty cool.”

The WHOOP Strap 2.0 has been named the Official Licensed Recovery Wearable Of The NFLPA. Each NFL player, along with incoming players will receive one, and Campbell has been able to enjoy his early.  

The straps measure recovery based on a player’s resting heart rate, sleep and heart rate variability in order for players like Campbell to stay better informed and more prepared for the strain to come.

Campbell says he has used other wearable devices too.  He has utilized the MYZONE heart rate monitoring chest strap during offseason to ensure that he’s delivering maximum effort while participating in the City Fitness’ #MyCityMoves challenge in Philadelphia.

Browns bullish on tech

The Browns also incorporate the Catapult Sports GPS trackers into their routine, to keep track of the players’ workloads.

“That’s been helpful, the ability to track your mileage,” Campbell states.

Staying in the know about the latest sports gadgetry is a smart play by the Northwestern graduate.  It can pay off well for Campbell during the NFL season,