Wearables are now a significant part of corporate wellness and remote patient monitoring programs.  However, long-term investment from seniors remains a challenge, despite an increasing need for seniors to have better healthcare options.

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Garmin and Tactio Health Group, two major companies involved in telehealth and wearable technology, are combining forces to provide a telehealth solution specially designed to monitor the daily health and well-being of seniors. This joint collaboration adds Garmin wearables to an increasing list of Bluetooth-enabled devices including glucometers, scales, blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters that brilliantly integrate with Tactio apps, allowing for data collection without the need of third-party accounts.

More and more patients have begun to own smartphones, and as a result, pilot projects targeting senior homes and chronically-ill patients have helped Tactio recognize what key elements are important to successfully enter the senior market.  Important features include having a 1-year battery life and seamless connectivity to enable patients to forget they’re wearing a device, not needing third-party accounts by having apps that simplify processes and offering a single interface to connect all devices, gather data, answer questionnaires and speak to their providers with ease.

It was a group effort

These necessities brought engineers from Garmin and Tactio together to combine vívofit 3 wearables with TactioRPM patient apps. This new solution allows providers, payers, and pharmacies to provide health and wellness monitoring programs with a single dedicated patient-facing telehealth application while using the 1-year battery life of the vívofit 3.

“We have users in their 70s, 80s, and 90s helping us understand their issues with mHealth well. Our relentless pursuit of a solution for them has generated this tight integration of the Garmin vívofit 3 into our patient apps, making TactioRPM the best mobile solution for senior telehealth programs”, states Michel Nadeau, P.Eng., CEO of Tactio Health Group.