How Is Growth Hacking Different From Traditional Marketing?

“Growth hacking” has become a favorite term of startup entrepreneurs, angel investors, marketers, and digital gurus everywhere. But at its core, growth hacking doesn’t seem terribly distinguished from a conventional marketing strategy.  Is there something that sets it apart? Or is growth hacking just a glorified term for a certain type of marketing?  Even more […]

Guerrilla Marketing: Growth Hacking Your Startup

Do you have a product or service that you’ve given your heart and soul for? Have you fought tooth and nail for your product and service? Actually bled and lost sleepover? Then you find that the media doesn’t want to go anywhere near it? Here is guerrilla marketing — how to growth hack your startup. […]

Top 15 Growth Marketing Speakers

There are many amazing marketing speakers that can help shed light on the intricacies of marketing. However, only a select few understand what growth marketing entails. Growth marketing is a specialized segment of digital marketing, and it focuses specifically on online customer acquisition. To learn how to incorporate this marketing segment in your business, it […]

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

There has been a massive shift in how we build tech companies. The old way of hiring top tier tech talent was to look for talent 20 miles from company HQ or to find talent willing to relocate. Assuming, of course, that personal preferences or H1B visas weren’t a non-starter. Now, remote, distributed teams are the […]

time for business to get AI

Why Now is the Time for Marketers to Embrace AI

Across industries, forward-looking businesses embrace AI as an opportunity to become more efficient and harness a multitude of data at their disposal. IDC predicted that business spending on AI/ML would grow from $12 billion in 2017 to $57.6 billion by 2021. The businesses that thrive in this new, AI-centric world will be those that make […]

AI Learning Algorithms Find Your New Target Groups

Although artificial intelligence does not replace human marketing teams, it does support employees in controlling campaigns or even in content marketing. In the future, AI could increasingly displace a popular means of expressing branding: emotions. The AI threat is becoming a different game. Companies have decided to restructure a number of processes to protect against […]