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4 Trends that are Transforming the Future of Healthcare

From drinking one’s own urine as a cure for broken bones to blood-letting to sending electrical shocks through a person’s body as a cure for mental illness, healthcare has a somewhat jaded past. Some critics group chiropractors into that same category, but musculoskeletal therapies aren’t pseudoscience. Seattle chiropractor Tangelo uses them to reduce pain and prevent injuries, particularly […]

taking care of an employees needs makes for better productivity and health

The Modern Shape and Trends of Employee Culture

Peter Drucker (1909-2005), the late Austrian-born management consultant, once famously said that culture eats strategy for breakfast — i.e., while a sound business plan is excellent, nothing is more important than a company’s culture. That philosophy, later adopted by Ford Motor Company president Mark Fields, is still fully embraced by C-Suite denizens today. A Modern […]

How Increasing SaaS Adoption Can Cut Both Ways for Enterprises

How Increasing SaaS Adoption Can Cut Both Ways for Enterprises

Due to heightened competition, companies are now demanding increased agility and productivity from its teams. Many look to technology to gain competitive advantages. As such, organizations are now providing their teams and workers the latitude to use and adopt technologies and tools as they see fit. Fortunately, pricing and distribution of software and applications have […]

Computing Power Suppliers are Shifting Gears for AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything from the information we see on our Facebook feeds, to improving diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. The computing power suppliers are shifting gears for AI. According to McKinsey, it has the potential to create an additional $13 trillion in global economic output by 2030. Governments and start-ups alike […]

Why Small Businesses Need to Be Vigilant About IoT Security Too

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) is revolutionizing markets and businesses today. Manufacturers are reaping the benefits of having interconnected devices. According to McKinsey, use of IoT in factories can create as much as $3.7 trillion in value by 2025. But IoT isn’t just for large industries. Small businesses also stand to gain much from looking into the […]

Enterprises and AI Need to Connect Better – Here’s Why

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic across the board. Everyone from developers, to data scientists, journalists, and general user-bases of all profiles are talking about it on a global scale. Entrepreneurs have taken notice of the benefits of AI in most areas of everyday life, whether assistants, mobile, entertainment and even healthcare or insurance. In […]

These Are The Concerns Slowly Killing Ad-Tech

Black Mirror, recently bought by Netflix, is a hugely popular TV series that is a dark, twisted but spot-on portrayal of the possible ramifications of technology in the future. Advertisements for the show are ironically targeting ad block users, and some argue, are “intentionally creepy.” For better or worse, ad tech is an industry that […]