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Jonathan is the CEO of, a Labor Marketplace for Elite Engineering Talent. Turing helps companies hire pre-vetted, remote engineers at the touch of a button. He was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Foundation Capital prior to successfully selling his last AI company that he co-founded while at Stanford. You can find him @jonsidd on Twitter and

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Remote First: Why Isn’t Every Company Boundaryless

This article is the third part of my extended series on boundaryless teams, remote-first companies, and the future of work. In my two previous installments, I talked about the changing dynamics in many tech-centric cities. I explained why authorities like Sam Altman of Y-Combinator, Angel List’s Naval Ravikant, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, and Bill Gurley, […]

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

Remote First: The New Way to Build Companies

There has been a massive shift in how we build tech companies. The old way of hiring top tier tech talent was to look for talent 20 miles from company HQ or to find talent willing to relocate. Assuming, of course, that personal preferences or H1B visas weren’t a non-starter. Now, remote, distributed teams are the […]