Nate Nead

Nate Nead is the CEO & Managing Member of Nead, LLC, a consulting company that provides strategic advisory services across multiple disciplines including finance, marketing and software development. For over a decade Nate had provided strategic guidance on M&A, capital procurement, technology and marketing solutions for some of the most well-known online brands. He and his team advise Fortune 500 and SMB clients alike. The team is based in Seattle, Washington; El Paso, Texas and West Palm Beach, Florida.

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What To Do When WordPress Fails

At 19% of overall website CMS market share, WordPress is the proverbial elephant in the room. But, WordPress is not without its warts. As the dominant player in the market, hackers are more likely to create malware and nefarious code insertions on a content management system that is more ubiquitous. Hacking WordPress is a numbers […]

multiple revenue streams

How to Create Multiple Revenue Streams in a Tech Startup

Revenue is the lifeblood of your tech startup. Without a stream of income, you won’t be able to cover your most basic expenses, including your team members’ salaries and your office lease. But too many startup tech entrepreneurs focus on a single revenue stream—a primary source of income that will exclusively sustain the business. This […]

The Content Marketing Dilemma Faced by New Tech Startups

For more than a decade now, content marketing has been the prized strategy of startups all over the world. With the help of onsite blog posts, offsite guest authored posts, social media updates, and other forms of content, brands can generate much more visibility and a better reputation—all for a relatively low cost of entry. […]

leader in startup tech

What Makes an Ideal Leader in a Startup Tech Company?

Arguably, some tech startups become successful simply because the idea is so unbelievably good that it’s practically fated to become a smashing success. But more often, the idea is only part of the equation. Successful tech startups also require the right balance of funding and initial momentum. They need a team of dedicated, passionate people. […]

How Specific Can Ad Targeting Get?

Targeted advertising is one of the most dominant forms of marketing and advertising on the planet, thanks in part to the support of modern technologies that make it relatively easy to target a specific audience. These days, it’s possible to display an ad to a hyper-focused demographic segment, increasing engagement rates and your return on […]

social media backlash

Could Social Media Be Facing a Wave of Backlash?

For many years, social media was heralded as a universally beneficial new technology. It was seen as something that could keep us connected with our friends and family members, a tool to meet new people and support important causes, and a platform that could potentially allow us to redefine work and personal relationships forever. To […]

promote event online

12 High ROI Options for Promoting an Event Online

Putting on an event is expensive. Whether it’s a traditional in-person conference, a virtual summit, a product launch event, or a fundraiser, it costs a lot to get an event up and running. And without butts in seats, an event can quickly become a massive financial loss. Here are 12 ROI options for promoting an […]

tech and productivity

Is Technology Really Making You More Productive?

Every year, we see the release of dozens to hundreds of new technologies and tools designed to make us more productive. They’re meant to make our businesses run more efficiently, save us time on tasks we don’t want to do ourselves, and ultimately help us get more done every day. But is technology really making […]

What Conditions Are Required for Technological Innovation?

Technological innovation is what pushes us forward—and it’s what makes some of us rich beyond our wildest dreams. As a consumer, tech innovation is fascinating because it’s what grants us access to the latest devices and software products. As an entrepreneur, innovation or the lack thereof will make or break your tech company; if you […]

Do Big Tech Companies Have Too Much Power?

Big tech companies have attracted significant public scrutiny over the past 20 years. Consumers, policymakers, and other authorities have increasingly speculated that big tech companies are accumulating too much power. Intuitively, this seems like it could be the case. Big tech companies have grown from mere startups to mind-boggling sizes, especially in the past several […]

Is Automation Truly Coming for White Collar Jobs?

For years, we’ve been hearing that automation is coming to white collar jobs, crossing a barrier that we previously thought uncrossable. But is this truly the case? And if so, which white collar jobs are the most susceptible to being replaced? Blue Collar vs. White Collar: The Automation Dilemma Historically, blue collar jobs have been […]

What’s the Future of AI Writing?

For the past several years, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) experts have worked on algorithms that can write articles and other types of content in ways previously thought to be exclusively writable by human beings. As these technologies get more advanced, we’re gradually approaching an era where machines could write content better the […]

How to Make Your Own Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a handful of other cryptocurrencies have broken into the mainstream, but what if you want to start a cryptocurrency of your own? There are many valid motivations for doing so. For example, you may not like how the mainstream coins operate; you may want to found a new coin with a […]

10 Examples of Software Development Failure

Software has become so ubiquitous in our 21st century lives that we often take it for granted. We assume that it’s always going to work when we need it. Or, perhaps even more dangerously, we don’t fully understand the negative repercussions of an error, issue, or failure. But not everyone has the same luxury of […]

Examples of Failure in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is groundbreaking and, at times, still quite mind blowing. We’re constantly peppered with amazing stories of efficiency, automation, and intelligent prognostication. But AI isn’t perfect. And for every story of success, there’s another tale of a mess up or mistake – a situation where something didn’t go as planned. While I’m a huge […]