Why We Shouldn’t Fear Elon Musk’s Cyber Pig

In August of 2020, a curious hashtag started trending that was strange, even by Twitter’s standards: #CyberPig. This was a sobriquet for Gertrude, a hog serving as the star of the latest eye-popping PR event for Elon Musk’s Neuralink. The display was more reminiscent of a magic show than a PR event. And as the former vice president of […]


“AI most likely cause of WW3” says Elon Musk

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has made another apprehensive comment on the future of artificial intelligence development, saying the country with “[artificial intelligence] superiority most likely cause of WW3” on Twitter. Musk, the most prominent critic of AI development, was responding to a comment by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said the nation that […]


Elon Musk’s OpenAI bot dominates DoTA 2 professionals

Elon Musk’s OpenAI previewed the power of its own artificial intelligence at Valve’s yearly DoTA 2 tournament. The AI agent dominated several DoTA 2 professionals in 1 vs 1, showing the early capabilities of AI inside the MOBA. For those that don’t follow DoTA 2, it is multiplayer online battle arena, primarily played in a […]


Tesla’s enhanced autopilot to arrive before New Year

Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot update should start to arrive on new Model S and X cars before the New Year, according to tweets from CEO Elon Musk. The update provides customers that picked the Enhanced Autopilot add-on, which costs $5,000, with most of the original Autopilot features. That includes an automatic steering, lane change, parking, emergency […]

Key tech players create non-profit AI alliance

Tech giants Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google’s DeepMind, Facebook have joined forces to create a non-profit alliance called Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society that will work to advance public understanding of artificial intelligence technologies (AI) and formulate best practices on the challenges and opportunities within the field. Academics, non-profits, and specialists in policy and […]


Mark your calendars: 2021 will be huge for autonomous cars

Ford revealed on Tuesday its intention to launch a fully autonomous car in 2021. Speaking at Ford’s research lab in Palo Alto, California, CEO Mark Fields said the company plans to launch a “level four vehicle, which means it won’t have a steering wheel, gas or brake pedal.” It is the first public statement from […]


Tesla’s self-driving AI will “blow minds,” says Musk

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has hinted at “mind-blowing” artificial intelligence (AI) under development, in a wide ranging earnings call that discussed autonomous cars, Tesla’s bid for SolarCity, Gigafactory progress, and the company’s revenue. Despite the first fatal autonomous accident happening in a Tesla car, Musk is still bullish on the industry and believes full autonomy […]


Looking into Tesla’s refocused plans for the future

Tesla, a forward-thinking company with a goal to integrate clean energy, energy storage and transportation solutions to the world, has been hard at work trying to carry out its master plans for the future. Ten years ago, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, formulated an ambitious plan to change the world with electric cars, […]


Musk to Apple: Maybe just try to keep up, ok?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk cast further doubt on Apple’s autonomous car project during the Code Conference in California, reigniting the tension started last year between the two companies. “I think they should have embarked on this project sooner,” Musk said during the interview. “I don’t think they’ll be in production sooner until 2020.” The comment […]

How much more hype can Tesla’s Model 3 get?

Tesla says it’s received 325,000 reservations of the Model 3 as of the morning of April 7. By the time you read this, they’ll probably have convinced thousands more to put down a $1,000 deposit for the opportunity to spend another $34,000 in two years on what is regarded as a great car. And never […]