Fitbit buys Pebble as wearables consolidation continues

Fitbit is reportedly buying the troubled Pebble smartwatch in further consolidation in the flagging wearables market. Full details and dollar value of the deal hasn’t yet been made public but the two firms, which were said to be in the final stages of a tie-up prior to Thanksgiving, have now reportedly inked a deal. And […]

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Can the smartwatch market recover from big declines?

A recent research report revealed major declines in the global smartwatch market, raising fears that these wearables are continuing their downward spiral. In the report, research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) found that the worldwide smartwatch market saw significant declines from last year. IDC found that volumes of shipped smartwatches fell nearly 52% in the third […]


Is the Apple Watch now the most accurate wearable?

The Apple Watch has been touted as the most accurate wrist-based wearable in a new study from the Cleveland Clinic, published in JAMA Cardiology. The study was performed on 50 healthy adults, who wore an electrocardiogram (EKG), Fitbit Charge HR, Apple Watch, Mio Alpha, Basis Peak, and a chest strap for several hours. See Also: […]

Maintool can now make any watch into a smartwatch

In the increasingly crowded market place of smart watches, a small niche of companies is offering an alternative to the standard designs by offering smart watch bands as an alternative to smartwatch faces. One of these is Madrid- and Paris-based startup Maintool, who have created the Classi watch band, a wearable which enables users to make their […]

Will the demise of Microsoft Band kill enterprise wearables?

Word that Microsoft is shutting down its line of Band devices could be a blow to the future of mainstream enterprise wearables. Computer Weekly discussed the impact of Microsoft’s decision to kill off its Band series of smart watches. This decision marks the exit of the only large enterprise vendor active in the wearables field. “We have […]


Apple jacks the jack and walks the Watch at big event

Another year, another September event, another iPhone. Apple’s key event met all the criteria, although the lack of MacBook, iPad, and “one more thing” segment might have upset some fans that were hoping for surprises. iPhone 7 The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were unveiled at the event, with a slight design tweak, upgrade […]


New mental health technology tells your doctor what you won’t

Health services around the globe still struggle with mental health disorders, relying on a patient to provide documentation of mood changes in a journal or be open with a doctor or psychiatrist. Both solutions are not seeing excellent results, which is why U.K. based Cambridge Cognition and Ctrl Group have announced Cognitive Kit, a software […]

Apple Watch sales more than halved so far this summer

Apple Watch sales more than halved so far this summer

Apple has been unable to keep interest in its smartwatch high during the summer season, according to new smartwatch sales data from IDC. The report claims that Apple Watch sales fell to 1.6 million in the second quarter of 2016, a 55 percent decline from the 3.6 million sales recorded in the same quarter last year. […]


Emergency personal safety wearable use rising

More than a third of people in the United States do not feel safe walking home at night, according to a Gallup poll, which is a good explanation for the recent surge in personal safety wearables coming to the market. In the past six months, five companies have announced wearables with the capability to send […]


Smartwatches fail to keep time despite wearables growth

The wearables market has seen over 67 percent annual growth in the past twelve months, but the smartwatch industry continues to drag down the numbers. Market research firm IDC posted sales results for the first quarter, which shows Fitbit and Xiaomi ahead of the rest by a considerable margin. The two companies hold 24.5 and 17 […]

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Are health wearables passing their physical?

Wearables are available in all shapes and sizes, from the inconspicuous Fitbit Zip to the immediately noticeable Apple Watch. One factor that connects most of them, apart from the ability to tell the time, is fitness and health tracking. The health features are basic at the moment, but might not be for long, according to […]