Just a few days ago, Apple themselves held an event where the iPad Mini, iPad, iPhone 13 and a new Apple Watch were revealed. What wasn’t there was any sort of computer/MacBook of any kind. However, there now may be an October event that will introduce the M1X Mac‘s, the AirPods 3 and possibly more.

When will it occur?

The event isn’t final. However, we do have an idea about it. Apple has said that there would be another event in September, while it is unlikely to have events 7 days across from each other. If it were to be in September, Apple would’ve already sent out the invites. It makes sense if it were to come out in October, just as Apple has done in the past. Unfortunately, in the past, the events have been mid-to-late ones. However, Apple can change it this month. It could be on a Tuesday in October. Gurman recently reported that M1X MacBook Pros would be launching in several weeks. This says that the M1X MacBook Pro’s could be released on October 19 or 26 on Apple’s events.

AirPods 3 – They’re late to the party

The AirPods 3 have been set to launch for a long time and is extremely late to being released. It basically should’ve been released in the September event. For some reason, they did not appear, and lots of people were expecting it in the September event. For this reason, we ought to believe that it will come out in October. Apple is planning to make them look more like AirPods Pro, and ill have shorter stems that will make the product more compact. They will not have any silicon tips, though this is extremely worrying as these are the very key to AirPods Pro ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) and should be included as an extra option.

M1X Mac Mini

The Mac Mini right now only has the Apple M1 chip for its latest version of the Mac Mini. However, it is set to have a major update, that will change the already pretty fast chipset into an ultra-fast chip. It will have more Thunderbolt ports, a MagSafe power connecter, and a “plexiglass-like top.” The M1 Mac Mini was just launched, yet Apple is already upgrading and will have a better design.

M1X MacBook Pro – 14-inch model?

The MacBook Pro is said to slim down its bezels and expand its screen to make it a 14-inch model, and the display will be made out of mini-LEDs that is in the iPad Pro. This will make the laptop brighter and have more contrast. A big feature is that they are finally going to ditch the touch bar for the first time since 2016. Instead of having to buy a separate device just to plug in an HDMI cable to your laptop, a return of the missed MagSafe, the HDMI port and an SD Card Slot. The chassis will also be remade into a flat-edged design. The new M1X chip will be inside the laptop and will sport better graphics. All changes will be integrated into the MacBook Pro 16-inch, which will have an M1X chip with additional GPU cores, for the first time.