Why IoT Needs an Open Ecosystem to Succeed

Imagine if the internet had been built as a closed ecosystem controlled by a small set of organizations. It would look very different from the internet we know and rely on today. Perhaps this alternate version would run on a pay-per-use model, or lack tools and services that have been developed over the years by […]

nearshoring and offshoring

Nearshoring Basics for Software Development

Globalized markets provide opportunities for thinking outside the box on labor questions — or even outside borders in the form of nearshoring. The past few decades have seen a boom in outsourcing to far away places. It’s been a useful strategy for some companies looking to increase profits by reducing payroll expenses. Other companies want […]


Google launches augmented reality app ARCore for Android

Google has launched its own augmented reality kit for developers, called ARCore, a lighter version of the company’s Tango platform that does not require any specialized hardware to run. ARCore is a light software development kit, similar to Apple’s ARkit, which is able to track motion, understand flat surfaces, and estimate where the light will […]


Google to finally release Android Wear 2.0 in February

Google has started notifying developers of the release date for Android Wear 2.0, which has been delayed since September last year. The new release date for the smartwatch operating system is February, although the company hasn’t provided a fixed date. Android Wear 2.0, which was originally unveiled at Google I/O in May 2016, added a […]

How IoT is fixing America’s sleep problem

Wake up, America, We have a sleep problem. More than 68% of Americans report having trouble sleeping at least once a week, and many people believe that technology plays a major role in keeping them awake, but can it actually help you get a better night’s sleep? After all, the Internet of Things already helps […]

smartwatch market

Can the smartwatch market recover from big declines?

A recent research report revealed major declines in the global smartwatch market, raising fears that these wearables are continuing their downward spiral. In the report, research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) found that the worldwide smartwatch market saw significant declines from last year. IDC found that volumes of shipped smartwatches fell nearly 52% in the third […]

Does Google’s next big OS have a touch of Fuchsia?

Fans of Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems will want to keep their eyes on a new project recently mirrored on GitHub called Fuchsia, and despite it appearing on the open source repository source, very little is actually known about the project as of now. There haven’t been any official announcements from Google, seemingly because […]


Jaybird flying high on $50m Logitech deal

Naked as a Jaybird no longer, the U.S. audio wearable maker is now decked out in around $50 million in cash thanks to an acquisition by Swiss consumer electronics giant Logitech. On top of that, Jaybird could earn an additional $45 million if it hits Logitech’s growth targets over the next two years. Gadgets360 reported […]


SensorUp: IoT therapist for your dysfunctional device family

As modern households introduce more connected products, it becomes increasingly frustrating when devices won’t speak to each other. Canadian startup SensorUp is looking to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to play digital therapist for your array of gadgets, bringing them together into one happy connected family. As reported by Metro Newspaper, the Calgary, Alberta-based […]