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ReadWriteWeb Events Guide, 17 April 2010

Here’s a little taste of the events coming up in the next few weeks here at the ReadWriteWeb events guide: Seven on Seven, eCommAmerica, DrupalCon, The Real Time Web: Imperative or Insanity?, Big Data Workshop, Future of Money and Technology Summit, and Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco. And of course, ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010! Have you registered yet?

How do you like your events guide? You can import individual events into Google Calendar using the link beside each entry, or download the entire thing as an iCal (and Google Calendar-importable) file, or even view it as a world map. Know of something cool taking place that should appear here? Let us know in the comments below or contact us.

17 April 2010: New York City

Seven on Seven

Seven on Seven will pair seven leading artists with seven game-changing technologists in teams of two, and challenge them to develop something new – be it an application, social media, artwork, product, or whatever they imagine – over the course of a single day. The seven teams will unveil their ideas at a one-day event at the New Museum on April 17.

Seven on Seven Participants include, on the technology side, Ayah Bdeir (artist and programmer), Jeff Hammerbacher (Accel Ventures/ Facebook), David Karp (founder of Tumblr), Andrew Kortina (of Bitly/
Venmo), Hilary Mason (of betaworks), Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress), and Joshua Schachter (currently at Google, formerly at Yahoo, and founder of delicious), and on the art side, Tauba Auerbach,
Cao Fei, Aaron Koblin, Monica Narula, Marc Andre Robinson, Evan Roth and Ryan Trecartin.

Conference attendance includes a half-day session where the seven teams will unveil their ideas, followed by a cocktail reception in the New Museum Skyroom. Find registration information here.

April 19, 2010: St. Louis Missouri

Social Fresh St. Louis

The social media conference for marketers, Social Fresh is not about concept, but focused purely on case studies from the front lines. Learn what social media can really do for business bottom lines. Over the course of the day you’ll hear from 35 speakers from companies like Ford, Best Buy, Scottrade, Hardees, CMT and many more. Register now and use coupon code RWW15 for 15% off.

19 – 21 April 2010: San Francisco, California


Emerging Communications Conference & Awards (eComm) is focused on what’s “Next in Telecom, Mobile & Internet Communications”. It’s designed to accelerate communications technology and business model innovation. Participants attend to be exposed to the latest technologies, research, companies, trends and opportunities.
Day three this year is being dedicated to augmented reality. AR may prove to be as significant as the introduction of the Internet itself, moving computers off desks and out of their separate modality into our lives. Use discount code ‘ReadWriteWeb’ for 10% discount.

19 – 21 April 2010: San Francisco, California


DrupalCon is the premier conference focused on Drupal, the award-winning open source content management framework that is galvanizing social publishing and web development today. For a registration fee of $195, attendees get three full days of sessions led by the best and brightest Drupal experts.

Drupal has been downloaded over 2 million times since its inception, and project growth has doubled annually for several years. Drupal is used to deliver a wide variety of application types including blogs, wikis, community networks, digital media portals, and web content publishing and management.

20 April 2010: Palo Alto, California

The Real Time Web: Imperative or Insanity?

The cost of creating, sharing and distributing data in real-time has become essentially zero, leading to an explosion of user generated content. Currently, every minute:

    • 500,000 pieces of content are shared on Facebook,
      • 25,000 messages are created on Twitter, and
        • 20 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube.

        Over the last decades, the amount of data created by individuals has doubled every two years. How do we effectively use that data to make decisions that drive value for consumers and businesses? How much data is too much to handle? And what’s the opportunity for entrepreneurs? In this event, VLAB engages with entrepreneurs, investors, and established players to separate reality from hype while examining key business opportunities.

        23 April 2010: Mountain View, California

        Big Data Workshop

        As the internet approaches 1 trillion connected gigabytes, we’re not in Kansas anymore. The data deluge poses important questions:

        • How will we manage all this information? Is the relational database doomed?
        • How will be synchronize it? Will we all need to migrate to NoSQL stores?Or will the new play along nicely with 40 years of relational history?
        • Who will manage this information? Will we all have to own our own massive infrastructure, will we rent it, or just call the APIs of somebody else?
        • How will we analyze this information? Do we all need to learn Erlang and Map-Reduce, or will a new set of easy-to-use tools spring up, just like the spreadsheet came to the rescue a long time ago?
        • Who will we govern all that information? Who will keep it secure, and private, and audible? Who determines what can and cannot be correlated?
        • Who will watch the watchmen?

        This event is for: owners and managers of a large amount of data, including web, social media, health, pharmaceuticals, astronomy, government etc.; developers and users of Big Data technologies, including NoSQL databases,Map-Reduce algorithms, data mining, server farms etc.; stewards and guardians of Big Data, including legal and business professionals.

        The agenda will be created live on the day of the event by attendees, facilitated by Kaliya Hamlin who has designed and facilitated over 100 unconferences for professional technical communities. Register here.

        26 April 2010: San Francisco, California

        Future of Money and Technology Summit

        The Future of Money & Technology Summit will bring together the best and brightest thinkers around money, including visionaries, entrepreneurial business people, developers, press, investors, authors, solution/service providers, and organizations who work where cash and commerce collide. We meet to discuss the evolving ecosystem around money in a proactive, conducive to dealmaking environment. Featured speakers include Jolie O’Dell, formerly of ReadWriteWeb, as well as representatives from Wells Fargo Bank, Kiva, SharesPost, Jambool, Founders Fund, Outright.com, SoftTech VC, and many more.

        Use discount code “rww” to get 10% off registration.

        3 – 6 May 2010: San Francisco, California

        Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco

        Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco brings together the designers, developers, entrepreneurs, VCs, marketing professionals, product managers, and business strategists – from startups to enterprises – that are building the next-generation Web. Along with a vibrant Expo Hall and plenty of networking opportunities, four main conference tracks cover a spectrum of Web 2.0 topics from business strategy to Web design, user experience, developer hacks, community building, real-time, mobile, cloud computing, user-generated content, and more. Featured speakers include Chris Anderson, Ben Huh, Charlene Li, Kevin Lynch, Hilary Mason, and Brad Stone. Register today.

        7 May 2010: Mountain View, California

        ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010

        The ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit 2010 will be an exploration of the latest Mobile development trends – both the technology and the emerging business applications. Get ready to explore, think and create the future of Mobile with the brightest in the industry, your peers! As in our last Summit, The Real-Time Web, the ReadWriteWeb Mobile Summit is an unconference.

        An unconference is a participant driven conference where the agenda is created on the day, in real-time and discussions are lead by conference participants. Read about the history of unconferences.

        We will have two main tracks at this Summit – Development and Business – so the Summit will be of interest to managers, marketers, developers, innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders alike. Here’s a sample of some of the topics we’ll explore in both of these tracks.

            • Commerce & Marketing – as more and more consumers use smartphones, how can businesses utilize this channel?

                      Click here to register now, or to become a sponsor, or to help shape the conference.

                      11 May 2010: San Francisco, California


                      FinovateSpring 2010 will again showcase the most cutting-edge financial and banking technology innovations to Silicon Valley and the world. With Finovate’s signature mix of short, fast-paced onstage demos (no slides are allowed) from handpicked companies and intimate networking time with their executives, this conference packs a ton of unique value into a single day.

                      Come see the cutting edge of banking and financial technology and network with hundreds of the leading financial executives, venture capitalists, press, industry analysts, bloggers and fintech entrepreneurs. Early bird registration rates are available.

                      13 May 2010: Cape Town, South Africa

                      Net Prophet 2010 Conference

                      Taking place on 13 May, 2010 at the Old Mutual Business School in Pinelands, Cape Town, this is the second annual Net Prophet conference to be hosted by the RAMP Foundation, a non-profit entity created by the RAMP Group as a means for social investment within the local Internet based economy. After a very successful conference last year, where over 400 attendees tapped the minds of leading Internet experts and successful entrepreneurs, Net Prophet 2010 will build on the same format and anticipates on reaching many more people.

                      May 17 2010: San Francisco, California

                      SF MusicTech Summit

                      The SF MusicTech Summit will bring together 700-plus visionaries in the music/technology space – the best and brightest entrepreneurs, developers, investors, service providers, journalists, musicians and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce. We meet to discuss the evolving music, business and technology ecosystem in a proactive, conducive-to-dealmaking environment. Enter the discount code “rww” to get 10% off.

                      18 May 2010: Silicon Valley, California

                      Founder Showcase

                      On Tuesday, May 18th, 10 companies elected by over 13,500 registered CEO Members of TheFunded.com will present to an audience of 200 investors, founders, and members of the press. A panel of experts will critique the pitches, and voting from those in attendance will determine the grand prize winner, who will receive $2,500 on the spot and a host of other prizes.

                      Founder Showcase guests will be treated to food and drinks, as well as informative talks by two leading Silicon Valley CEOs. There is also a networking and Pitch Table area for startups, service providers, and investors to convene. Previous investors that have attended include Charles River Ventures, JAFCO, Leapfrog, Polaris, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, First Round, Blue Run, and various angels. Over $250,000 has been raised by presenting companies that met investors at previous Founder Showcase events.

                      Use discount code “RWW” to get a 10% discount.

                      18 – 19 May 2010: Santa Clara, California

                      Social Media Strategies

                      Social Media Strategies is a conference on social business, social marketing, advertising and optimization. Social media technologies are fundamentally changing the sales, marketing and operations process. Business are leveraging social technologies to acquire, market, and communicate with customers. This conference features cutting edge topics, keynotes, workshops and discussions that provided strategic knowledge, insights and real world examples on how to successfully plan, implement and manage your organizations social media efforts to achieve your business goals.

                      Use the code “readwriteweb” when you register and get $100 off.

                      25 – 27 May 2010: Denver, Colorado


                      Glue is the only conference devoted solely to exploring the problem-sets facing architects, developers and IT professionals in a “post-cloud” world. Glue focuses on the APIs and protocols (Twitter, Facebook, Websockets, PubSubHubBub, XMPP), formats and standards (RDF/Linked Data, JSON, Microformats, HTML5), platforms and providers (Amazon, Rackspace, Google App Engine, Salesforce.com, Eucalyptus), Identity Protocols (OAuth/WRAP, SAML, OpenID, SPML) emerging NoSQL data models (Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, Riak, HBase), and other mechanisms that are building the post-cloud world.

                      ReadWriteCloud will be blogging live from Gluecon and CloudCamp, and ReadWriteWeb’s Alex Williams will be moderating the “Managing Complexity in the Cloud” session. Please join us May 25-27 in Denver, Colorado. ReadWriteWeb readers can receive 10% off of registration by using the code “RWW12”.

                      27 – 28 May 2010: Beijing, China

                      Global Mobile Internet Conference

                      The Global Mobile Internet Conference is designed specifically for entrepreneurs, executives and influencers to understand and capitalize on the growing opportunities in mobile internet. Though focused on opportunities in Asia, much of the conference dialogue is intended to compare and trade best practices across borders, especially between the East and West. Around 1000 industry leaders from Asia, Europe and North America are expected to attend. The conference will be in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

                      28 May 2010: Beijing, China

                      Global Mobile Internet Conference – Innovation Show & Startup Competition

                      The Global Mobile Internet Conference Innovation Show intends to be a launch pad for innovative mobile internet startups from around the world. Innovation Show finalists will have the opportunity to present their company to an expected 1,000 investors, industry leaders, and press. Finalists will be judged by and receive feedback from a team of respected venture capitalists and angel investors. The judges will choose one company as the GMIC Innovation Show Winner. Startups must apply by April 4.

                      4 – 6 June 2010: Chicago, IL

                      Blogs with Balls 3

                      The bright future of sports media gathers for Blogs with Balls 3 in Chicago at the legendary Wrigley Field. This third installment of the conference focuses on sports and local media, the ever-changing face of traditional media, as well as all the ways that mobile and emerging technologies are changing the world of the sports fan (and the companies trying to reach him or her) today. Feature speakers from established players like ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports & The Sporting News and emerging blogging/podcasting personalities and sports new media entrepreneurs, not to mention former professional athletes who are bolstering their brand through digital.

                      Register before May 15 and save more than $50 off the full ticket price at blogswithballs3.eventbrite.com. Use discount code RWWxBWB

                      15 – 16 June 2010: New York City

                      Corporate Social Media Summit

                      The Corporate Social Media Summit is a two day conference focused exclusively on how big businesses can take advantage of social media to enhance their marketing/comms strategy. Featuring:

                      • Practical and relevant insights from peers who have already used social media successfully
                      • 20-plus corporate speakers (including PepsiCo, Whole Foods, Dell, McDonald’s, General Motors, Citi, Johnson & Johnson),
                      • Best practice, benchmarks and practical next steps you can use to take advantage of social media in your business
                      • A tightly-focused agenda with 14 in-depth, practical workshops giving you knowledge on only the most critical business issues surrounding corporate use of social media

                      Save $400 if you quote RWW400 when booking. Book here.

                      22 – 24 June 2010: Santa Clara, California


                      Now in its third year, Velocity – the Web Performance and Operations Conference from O’Reilly Media – is dedicated to helping people build a better Internet that is Fast by Default. Join hundreds of web developers and experts under one roof from June 22-24, 2010 in Santa Clara, CA Velocity packs a wealth of big ideas, know-how, and connections into three concentrated days. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned immediately for high impact results and you’ll come away prepared for what’s ahead. O’Reilly Velocity 2010 is the premier conference dedicated to building industrial strength sites, at internet speed. Velocity”>Register Now and save 25% with discount code “vel10rww”.

                      29 – 30 June 2010: London

                      Cloud Computing World Forum

                      The 2nd annual Cloud Computing World Forum is the perfect event to learn and discuss the development, integration, adoption and future of cloud computing and SaaS. Building on the success of the 2009 show, this two day conference and free-to-attend exhibition will provide a focused platform for the global cloud and SaaS industry. Show highlights include:

                      • Co-located with CloudCamp London
                      • Co-located with Green IT conference
                      • Free-to-attend exhibition with seminar and scenario theatre
                      • Free-to-attend evening awards presentation
                      • Hear from leading case studies on how they have integrated cloud computing and SaaS into their working practices
                      • Learn from the key players offering cloud and SaaS services
                      • Evening networking party for all attendees

                      7 July 2010: Melbourne, Australia

                      Digital Sport Summit

                      Digital Sport Summit is Australia’s premier sport and digital media event. Hear from social media pioneers who are changing the face of Australian sport. Learn how social media and mobile technology is taking fan engagement to a whole new level.

                      Speakers on the day will cover a variety of topics including:

                      • iPhone application development for sport
                      • Convincing management of the case for social media
                      • How to monetize social media
                      • Fantasy sports
                      • Social media from an athlete’s perspective

                      With speakers representing Essendon Football Club, Cricket Victoria, Herald Sun, Football Federation Australia and more. Digital Sport Summit will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

                      5 October 2010: New York City


                      FinovateFall will return to Manhattan on Tuesday, October 5 to showcase dozens of the biggest and most innovative new ideas in financial and banking technology from established leaders and hot young companies. The Fall event is the original and largest Finovate and features a single day packed with our special blend of short, fast-paced onstage demos (no slides are allowed) and intimate networking time with top executives from the innovative demoing companies.

                      FinovateFall is a unique chance to see the future of finance and banking before your competition and find the edge you need in today’s market. Early bird registration rates are available.

                      Download this entire events calendar in iCal format.

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