Today, even the field of dentistry is rich in creative entrepreneurs who actively create and introduce goods and services that may seem cool and unusual to you. Startups and innovative inventions in the field of dentistry which will surprise you. You’ll find eight unusual ideas for a dentistry business.

There are startups and inventions in the field of dentistry that will surprise you.

1. Mobile Dentistry

The best trip to the dentist is one that you’ll never make. The idea of never going to a dentist is the opinion of a businessman from San Francisco who created the HomeCareDentist mobile dentistry service. The client doesn’t have to go to the clinic and stand in an endless line. Doctors will come to the patient’s home or office.

To make this service genuinely convenient for customers, the company considered working 24 hours a day. Mobile dentistry services are quite extensive and may include usual dental cleaning and even specialized care procedures. The company employees have mobile sets of equipment that easily fit in the trunk of a car.

2. Tooth Sensors for Tracking Food Intake

Tufts University engineers have created a compact food sensor that mounts on a tooth. The sensor has tiny dimensions (2 by 2 millimeters) but despite its size, it has excellent capabilities. It can recognize glucose and salt concentration, alcohol and other substances in food and drinks that a person consumes.

These substances shift the sensor’s electrical properties and cause it to transmit a different spectrum of radiofrequency waves. It is expected that soon such tools will help healthcare professionals to determine the relationship between the food a person consumes and overall health.

3. Oral Care Drink

Canadian startup DoseBiome has created a drink that improves oral health and reduces the risk of tooth decay. The drink is called Qii and has a neutral pH level, which means you have no chance of enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Qii has green tea with lemongrass and ginger flavors. According to manufacturers, the drink is sugar-free and doesn’t contain gluten, GMOs, and soy. Taking care to take out harmful ingredients will equal fewer visits to your family dentist.

4. Smart Music Toothbrush

BleepBleeps has come up with a new type of business by creating a music toothbrush. The brush is equipped with a player and a speaker. When you brush your teeth, the Benjamin Brush plays the owner’s favorite songs. They last at least two minutes, which is the recommended minimum amount of time we should brush our teeth.

5. A Warm Dentistry Clinic

One of the main trends in dentistry today is a calm, comfortable, and friendly clinic interior. A vivid example of this trend is a dental clinic in Tianjin City created by the Rigi Design project.

In addition to light and bright colors, the designers decided to make an informal arrangement of furniture. The clinic’s design is inspirational and lightweight, which is very different from the usual patient’s vision of “scary” dental offices.

6. Dental Button

Studies show that almost half of American adults don’t regularly visit the dentist because they are afraid. Based on this fact, one of the American dentists, Rob Walker, invented an unusual device for dental offices, which is called the Dental Button. A bright red button is mounted into the handlebar of the dental chair.

The patient can press it at any time, like when they feel the slightest discomfort or pain. The dentist will immediately stop what he is doing until the patient feels comfortable again to continue. It was experimentally found that the feeling of control over the process through the dental button reduces the level of patient’s fear and excitement by 80 percent.

7. MTG Dental Camera

MTG is a convenient camera that works with a mobile app and allows taking pictures of teeth to locate dental problems. You can choose a dentist and send your photos for express analysis.

The author of the idea, Jorge Trevino Blanco, hopes that the device he invented will help consumers keep their teeth in good shape and prevent serious dental complications.

8. Therapy Dogs

Dentists in Queensland (Australia) use an unusual way to reduce the stress of patients. They’ve employed therapy dogs to provide comfort and affection (and detect when people need it).  Therapy dogs are now actively providing comfort and support to people in many different places.

Animals, especially dogs, can visit children’s hospitals, nursing homes, and even prisons, where they bring joy and life into sometimes hopeless situations.

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