Data visualization is a trendy process now which could take raw data in any form as input and convert those to easily understandable visual presentation. The data visualization technique of converting raw data into insights have been there into practice for many decades now — and most of the data is moving to the cloud. We have seen an influx of many online tools, data libraries, and easy to install WordPress plug-ins for data visualization over the last few years. Here are the top 2020 WordPress Plugins for business data visualization.

It is a fact that humans can better understand visual data than a raw number of signals, but this is not just the reason why data visualization is popular. When compared, try to analyze the function of two businesses by considering their analytical data involved, it becomes easier to understand the biggest sets of data through visual portraits compared to going through the individual test statistics.

Nowadays, big data is expanding steadily, and technologies like machine learning, etc. are becoming more tangible. Even those who are inexperienced in data science will be able to make use of the deep learning tools to better manage data visualization on their own.

With the help of data visualization, now it is possible to communicate the data sets.

We can see countless examples of data visualization, which could be of help in a wide range of sectors as healthcare, scientific research, biotechnology, manufacturing, artificial intelligence, etc. to name a few.

Data visualization for WordPress.

Those who use WordPress for CMS-based website making and blogging can now easily leverage the benefits of data visualization through graphs and charts on their blogs with the help of some additional WP plug-ins for this purpose. There are actually hundreds of plug-ins by the WP partners and also independent third-party providers which you can try for data visualization.

Some of these may be complex, but here in this article, we are trying to list some of the basics and easy to use data visualization tools. Along with these inputs, if you are also practicing due diligence, then you can easily find out the most appropriate plug-ins for your purposes.

Free WP Plugins for data visualization.


Infogram is a free WordPress plug-in, which doesn’t explode the way it was expected to be in terms of popularity. With more than 5 million infographics built already, this plug-in had been used to shape the endless presentation of online content in various ways.

There are more than 30+ unique charts on Infogram. Some of these charts are bar diagrams, column charts, pie diagrams, lines, multiple axes/areas, pictorial representation, hierarchy, gauges, tables, word clouds, timers, financial reports, treemaps, and the facts.

You can simply export business data as suggested by RemoteDBA, in many possible formats like XLS, CSV, and XLSX, etc.

You may also directly copy and paste data into the interface. Alternatively, you can also use Dropbox, Google Drive, JSON feeds, OneDrive, or Google Analytics, etc. With these features, it is easy for businesses to tap into a wider pool of data sets. This intuitive infographic interface will allow the users to control each and every aspect of the infographics. Here are some other work operating systems.

Google Spreadsheet Viewer.

Google Spreadsheet is considered to be online for MS Excel. Up to this point, there wasn’t any proper method for embedding the spreadsheets from Google into the content posts of WordPress sites and blogs. However, with the help of tools like Meitar, it is easy to create WordPress modules that could render the content of Spreadsheets in the posts. With an automated update of the engine, the spreadsheets which have been embedded to the posts refresh as soon as the spreadsheet data changes.

There are many users, including business users, accessing Google Spreadsheets, which now enable such users to create wonderful charts and graphics through data visualization tools and methodologies. Getting a spreadsheet to embed this data visualization on to your online posts in real-time was not bee this much easier before. Once after installation f the plug-in, what you have to do is just to copy and paste the spreadsheet URL.


Snowball is not simply a plug-in for data visualization, but it has many advanced features coming packed with it. You will find it as a powerhouse admired by the category of journalists, writers, and professional bloggers, etc. who have a serious approach to their online space. They want to have well-articulated and curate content everywhere. You may find many similarities between Snowball and other page builders available on WordPress, especially in terms of the drag-and-drop building options.

The objective of the Snowball plug-in is to enable WordPress users to have easy access to a smooth interface, which will help the WP users to structure the most informative articles in a single block. This also means that you should try and stick to a proper structure from the top, i.e., from the header portions to the very bottom. Each of these content blocks is kept unique and can also be customized based on your personal preferences.

Supsystic Data Table Generator.

Supsystic is superior WP plug-ins which can help users to keep a close eye in terms of the most popular WP plug-ins they have. Now, the highlight is on the plug-ins for data visualization, which are also called Data Tables Generator. As we know, native support had been there existing for many decades now for HTML (Hypertext Marking Language). With the evolution of technologies like CSS and JavaScript, these data tables have been made more reliable in terms of displaying data insights to the consumers.

Tools like Data Table Generator can offer you the essential methods to display the data appropriately even if you don’t have any previous data management experience. Even the baseline users can now manipulate data, create charts, visual graphs, data diagrams, everything comes under this single plug-in.

You can also manage the entries to make things easier for the users to understand and reuse.

The search engines will not have any problem picking up the dates, either. Supsystic can take care of everything, and you can also plug the data from Google Charts also to this plug-in to enjoy more diversity.

Even though we discussed the top few in detail, you can find more data visualizations plug-ins too for WordPress. You can see, M Chart Highcharts Library plug-in, WP Charts, Easy Charts, WP Beautiful Charts, Blazing Charts, TablePress, etc. to try.

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