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What’s Next? Machine Learning 2021

The time for self-driving cars is already here. A permit was awarded to Nuro — the state’s first commercial permit for self-driving cars — from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in late December 2020. This permit allows it to operate autonomous vehicles commercially on the roads of two counties. Welcome to the world of […]

Conversational AI

How is Conversational AI Improving Customer Experience?

The Conversational AI allows the program to be a part of human-like interactions. This set of technologies empower the applications to send automated replies. It is yet another example of the exponential rate of innovations happening in the artificial intelligence field. As a result, businesses are investing in conversational AI technologies like Chatbots to serve […]

How Can AI and ML Transform the Way We Read and Understand Data?

Today’s business is ruled by data and data-driven understanding. How you understand the data and interpret the data into business decisions has a direct impact on your business conversion and growth. For a more precise understanding of data, today we have artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies on our side. No doubt, these […]

How Machine Learning Will Impact the Future of Software Development and Testing

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are frequently imagined to be the gateways to a futuristic world in which robots interact with us like people and computers can become smarter than humans in every way. But of course, machine learning is already being employed in millions of applications around the world—and it’s already starting […]

The Value of AI-Based Visual Inspection in 2020

For over a decade, manufacturers have turned to automated solutions to improve their bottom line. Automation and machine vision are now being augmented and even replaced by AI. Here is the value of AI-based visual inspection in 2020. Value of AI-Based visual inspection Being replaced by AI is especially true when it comes to visual […]

Covid-19, Jobs, Data and Machine Learning

Americans worry machine learning and artificial intelligence are a threat to their livelihoods. But the global pandemic demonstrates that these data technologies are essential to improving lives. A recent survey captured the job-loss anxiety. Thirty-seven percent of workers aged 18 to 24 say new technology will eliminate their job by 2025. This fear climbs to […]

Create Symbiotic Relationships with AI in Business

Knowingly or unknowingly we are all using artificial intelligence or AI. There is a combination of always-on devices, cloud and edge computing, and APIs in our everyday lives and business practices bringing AI into practice. Here is how to create symbiotic relationships with AI in business. Even though the relationship between humans and machines is […]

Well, AI, How do You Explain That?!

AI explainability is one of the most significant barriers to its adoption — but revealing the logic can take the human-machine relationship to the next level. The AI boom is upon us, but a closer look at specific use cases reveals a big barrier to adoption. In every vertical, businesses are struggling to make the […]

Travel Industry Building its Immunity with Artificial Intelligence

The science and art of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already racked up vital transformations in varied industries. And the travel industry is no exception to many business verticals affected by AI. No doubt, the context of AI cannot be precisely defined. Here is information about the travel industry building its immunity with artificial intelligence. Artificial […]

4 High-Potential Sectors for AI and ML Startup Success

Today, the explosion of development in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology has created a market for which it appears there’s no limit. No matter the industry, if you name a reasonably-sized (or larger) company, there’s a good chance that they’re investing in AI and ML technology as a cornerstone of their strategic […]

Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacy

Uber vs Lyft: Battling for Supremacy

As the CEO of a company where machine and learning and AI play an important role, I am always interested in seeing how other organizations choose to implement these technologies into their organization. It is fascinating to see how Uber vs Lyft has been battling for supremacy — through tellingly different approaches to AI. How […]

A Megatrend Set to Disrupt the Business World

Today we navigate our way across cities, pull up electronic tickets, purchase items, monitor our health, and, of course, stay connected with friends and family on our smartphones. The smartphone is one of those innovations that make us think,  “how did I ever function without it?” Smartphones revolutionized our personal lives, but there’s a megatrend […]

Machine Learning for Translation: What’s the State of the Language Art?

A new batch of Machine Translation tools driven by Artificial Intelligence is already translating tens of millions of messages per day. Proprietary ML translation solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are in daily use. Facebook takes its road with open-source approaches. What works best for translating software, documentation, and natural language content? And where is […]

speech recognition technology

Evolution of Speech Recognition Technology

Communication plays an essential role in our lives. Humans started with signs, symbols, and then made progress to a stage, where they began communicating with languages. Later computing and communication technologies came. Machines began communicating with humans and in some cases, with themselves also. The communication created the world of the internet, or as we […]