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R.J. Koret writes about language, psychology, and technology, with a special interest in AI, wordplay, and Freudian slips.

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10 Ways Translation Tools Help Post-Pandemic

Translation tools are the kind of things we tend to take for granted – until we need them. My family used translation tools a lot while traveling, talking with strangers on the street, reading street signs, and perusing restaurant menus. Here are ten ways translation tools can help post-pandemic. With social distancing to keep us […]

Machine Learning for Translation: What’s the State of the Language Art?

A new batch of Machine Translation tools driven by Artificial Intelligence is already translating tens of millions of messages per day. Proprietary ML translation solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are in daily use. Facebook takes its road with open-source approaches. What works best for translating software, documentation, and natural language content? And where is […]