Communication Works Wonders (with Itai Sadan)

In this episode of How to CEO, I had the opportunity to talk with Itai Sadan, CEO of the website design platform Duda. The Duda platform is popular with media agencies and other companies that offer web design services. I kicked off the conversation by asking Itai why, and when, he chose to become a […]

How to CEO podcast interview

How to CEO Podcast Interview – Agnes Kozera of

In this episode, I spoke with, co-founder and CEO, Agnes Kozera. is a marketplace for podcast sponsorships. The platform helps brands connect to the right podcasters to create authentic messages that resonate and engage listeners across audio platforms. In How-to-CEO, we are talking about the addiction to build companies. Side-Hustles and the Entrepreneurial […]

How to CEO Podcast Interview

How to CEO Podcast Interview

Within this format of podcast and content, I want to provide you with the best tools to become a fantastic CEO. I realized that the most beneficial way for me to add value to your life so that you can stay relevant (both professionally and personally), will be to place some of the best CEOs […]