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How eero uses Akka to make the truly connected home a reality

Nest revolutionized the humble thermostat and in many ways made the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) part of the mainstream consumer tech conversation. Smart homes would have intelligent devices communicating among themselves and with the owner via a mobile app over the cloud. That’s the theory, anyway. In practice, even things like the fussy […]

Is the GPL the right way to force IoT standardization?

The Internet of Things has tremendous potential, but remains a mishmash of conflicting “standards” that don’t talk to each other. As various vendors erect data silos in the sky, what is actually needed is increased developer communication between disparate IoT projects. I’ve argued before that this is one reason IoT needs to be open sourced, providing […]

Employers aren’t picky when it comes to developers

Given how consumed the world has become with big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, one would think employers would be laser-focused on hiring people with those skills. According to a new Dice hiring report, however, employers seem to want generalists, not specialists. This isn’t to say that there isn’t demand for IoT-focused […]

Amazon to competitors: You’re not failing enough

It’s a tough slog, competing with Amazon, particularly Amazon Web Services. The cloud computing giant earns billions more in revenues than its next nearest competitors, even as it cranks out innovation at a dizzying pace. To such legacy IT and cloud competitors, failure is familiar. The problem, according to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, however, is that Amazon competitors […]

Microsoft’s New Developer Song Wasn’t Written In Redmond

Microsoft used to be able to count on developers to embrace its technologies and extend its lead in the enterprise. Today that relationship is much more complicated, as evidenced by a new Stack Overflow developer survey. Let’s be clear: the new Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella has been rejuvenating its partnership with developers for years, […]