Check out a Down Under IoT solution to environmental quality

According to the head of an Australian environmental consulting services company, the first part of improving environmental quality is tracking it, overcoming regular methods that only capture a few locations and focus on basic displays of real-time data. Robin Ormerod, the Managing Director of EnviroSuite, says, “Often, the information displayed lacks context, and it is […]


Australia to spend millions making its cities smarter

Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal government, which won the federal election last month, has revealed a Smart Cities and Suburbs Program, with the intention of bringing local councils and tech firms to the table. The $50 million program calls for local councils to implement smart city technology to improve cities and suburbs. Federal funds will back part […]


Are big data analytics more important than the cloud?

Integration of big data and analytics is quickly becoming a top priority for businesses, according to IDC Australia, while cloud integration or migration is seeing less enthusiasm. The report focused on Australian businesses, who are still investing heavily into cloud computing. But according to Sally Parker, IDC Australia research director, “cloud is at the foundation […]

Hi-speed Aussie railroad could spark new smart cities

Backers of a controversial $151 billion high-speed rail plan claim it will be funded by the creation of eight new Australian smart cities. As reported by Australian newspaper The Age, long-sought details are finally emerging about a proposed high-speed rail line between Sydney and Melbourne. The proposed railway would cut travel time from the current […]


Huawei wants in on Australia smart cities

Huawei has expressed its desire to implement more smart city and safety tech inside Australia in the near future, a move sure to excite the country’s incumbent Liberal Party, which published a Smart Cities Plan in April. The Chinese networking giant has two major platforms, Smart City and Safe Cities. The smart city platform integrates […]


Australian PM promises millions for smart cities

An electioneering Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced government support of smart city innovation that could see more than $100 million invested each year. As announced in a campaign press release, Turnbull will create a smart city investment fund and a collaborative smart cities program if he is re-elected in early July. Turnbull promised to […]


NRMA calls for autonomous car trials in Australia

Australia is behind on the rise of the autonomous car, but a new push by the National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA) may force the government into action. NRMA’s new chief executive, Rohan Lund, called for the government to allow autonomous car trials, let the private sector implement peer-to-peer networks for traffic, and add smart […]


Accenture sees nearly half of cars autonomous in 25 years

Global consulting firm Accenture has released a report looking at the potential benefits of autonomous vehicles in Australia and what connected industries may be affected by the advent of self-driving. Accenture predicts that by the year 2040, four out of every 10 cars will be autonomous. And it won’t just be consumer cars that use […]


Smart city transformation scheduled for Ipswich

The Ipswich City Council, located in one of Australia’s fastest growing regions, recently announced plans to move forward with a “smart city” agenda. Global consulting firm Accenture has been selected to manage this transformation and help implement plans. Blueprints will be developed to improve community engagement, examine city operations and grow digital technology. See Also: Smart cities […]

Australian PM wants cities to smarten up

There are many advantages to becoming a smart city. But chief among them could be the potential they have for boosting regional economies as the result of the cities being made a more appealing place for businesses and tech-savvy professionals alike. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced a Smart Cities policy that would create […]