Samsung has announced that it is trialling a new VMS system. This is so far is only available in Australia. VMS is part of – a cloud-based platform created by Deakin University, NTRI, and SaniteX Global to control the world following Covid-19.

Employers and employees will use the platform to gather health-related information such as the heart rate and SpO2 sensor — a virtual medical health screening whilst the user is still at home. The user will also be required to fill out a survey and will then receive a QR-Code – this can be used to attempt access to their workplace.

Employees will have to share their health data on a daily basis. As we can see the situation in Australia and the forced government control and vaccine mandates – Employers will most likely force employees to share their health data on penalty of dismissal.

Is VMS safe?

Samsung says it is. There is a long version of this discussing encryption etc, but if the data is simply handed over to third parties then it really doesn’t matter if the damn thing was encrypted in the first place or not.