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Wearables, AI to benefit from MIT’s new super low-power chip

Researchers have developed a low-power chip that promises to significantly reduce speech recognition energy demands, paving the way for further miniaturization of artificial intelligence (AI). India’s Deccan Chronicle reports on a new chip developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) that is specialized for AI speech recognition. The new microprocessor uses just 1% of the […]

The bot invasion is on, powered by $24B in funding

While the manufacturing sector is increasingly using physical robots to improve industrial processes, the market for virtual bots or “chatbots” is also gaining serious traction in the space where humans and computers interact. Bots are essentially software technologies that automate tasks and enable effective human-computer interactions. Bots are increasingly taking over customer service operations in […]

Asia tipped to be the global smart cities leader

Asia tipped to be the global smart cities leader

As the smart city movement grows around the world, a new study sees Asia emerging as the global smart city leader of the future. A recent Government Technology  white paper “Evolution of Smart Cities and Connected Communities.” The study was co-sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association and the United Parcel Service (UPS). The paper focused on […]

Smart city investment opportunities target $1.6 trillion market

Smart city technology not only promises to improve city life for residents, but stands to make investors loads of money in the process. ValueWalk sums up the upbeat findings of a new report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML) on smart city investment. The report, entitled “21st Century Cities: Global Smart Cities Primer Picks” […]

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Honeywell bets big on India’s smart city growth

American technology giant Honeywell is boosting its focus on the growing smart cities segment in India. The Times of India recently featured comments by Honeywell executives that highlighted India’s increasing role in the N.J.-based company’s future strategy. Specifically, India is a prime target for Honeywell’s newly formed Home and Building Technologies (HBT) division. The HBT […]

Five of the top global smart cities really are the brightest

A telltale clue that you’re in a smart city is prominent LED lighting infrastructure, and five of the smartest global cities are absolutely festooned with futuristic lampposts. Lux Review highlighted which cities are the global leaders when it comes to integrating advanced lighting and other smart technologies into the urban environment. Lux crowned the Spanish […]

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Smart cities get connectivity guidance from Connected City Blueprint

A new strategic document backed by the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) aims to help smart cities structure their connectivity plans. As reported by Smart Cities World, the first “Connected City Blueprint” was launched by the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB). The board is an advisory committee under the aegis of the Singapore-based WBA. The WBA […]

Workplace wearables raise new privacy dilemmas for staff, firms

With the proliferation of wearable technology, companies are increasingly finding motivation to encourage staff to don connected devices. But on IDG’s CIO site tech writer Gary Eastwood delves into some of the worrisome privacy implications of wearbles in the workplace on employees. Companies are increasingly pushing wearable devices on their workers. In 2013, 2,000 firms worldwide […]

Smart cities need more industry partnerships, less gadget worship

While a dizzying array of connected gadgetry is vying for room on city leaders’ wish lists, industry experts advise less focus on the technology itself and more on industry partnerships that can build out smart cities. At the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors held in Washington, D.C., Joanne Hovis, president of Maryland-based IT consultancy CTC […]

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Here are 10 finalists vying for U.S. smart cities grant program

Ten American cities have been shortlisted for the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant program, the winners of which will be announced next week. The Smart Cities Council has released a short list of cities that will be competing for the grant program. Winning cities have access to smart city-related offerings such as: professional services; […]

Thailand pushes public-private partnerships to build smart cities

Faced with daunting costs for urban technology upgrades, the government of Thailand is actively fostering private smart city partnerships. Singapore’s e27 News examined Thailand’s recent prioritization of private smart city partnerships. Under a government plan to accelerate smart cities around the country, Thailand has called on private industry to launch ventures devoted to innovation, asset […]

Chicago gets smart cities boost with CIVIQ Wi-Fi project

Chicago will be the site of another smart city initiative as CIVIQ Smartscapes announced plans to launch a new Wi-Fi powered pilot project. Milford, Ma.-based CIVIQ will install interactive devices in downtown Chicago that offer high-speed public Wi-Fi. On top of wireless connectivity, the Waypoint devices will also provide such digital services as wayfinding, safety […]

U.S. mid-sized cities lead the charge for smart city projects

Though the big American metropolises often hog the smart city headlines, a new study found that U.S. mid-sized cities are the true technology leaders. A new study into U.S. smart city activity demonstrated that mid-sized cities were filling the pipeline with the most urban technology projects. The survey of 54 American cities was produced by […]

Can smart cities protect their IoT Achilles heel from hackers?

Last year’s headline-grabbing security breaches of Internet of Things (IoT) technology was the opening salvo in a new cyberwar where smart cities are firmly in the crosshairs. Smart city security vulnerabilities were a recent topic of discussion with Paul Williams, SADC Country Manager with cyber security software firm Fortinet. Williams says that 2016’s high profile […]

Come play in the IIoT sensor test sandbox for smart factories

TE Connectivity is partnering with a consortium of companies to launch a new Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) testbed for sensors connected to the cloud and smart factory machinery. A recent Control Engineering Europe article discussed the new testbed with Daniel Walldorf and Michael Hilgner from TE Connectivity. TE, formerly Tyco Electronics, designs and manufactures […]