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Is your smart city in danger of paranoid insanity?

Though Sci-Fi has long explored robots struggling with human emotions, technology experts now warn that smart cities are evolving into vast artificial organisms that may soon have psychological issues of their own. The topic was raised recently by Marcelo Rinesi, Chief Technology Officer of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) in Boston. Against […]

DC’s Gramercy District to become a $500m smart city test project

Global private equity firm 22 Capital Partners has chosen FedBid Inc. to help build its 22 CityLink smart city platform. FedBid is an online marketplace that facilitates businesses and educational institutes participating in government procurement of goods and services. The new smart city platform is focused on reducing the total lifecycle costs of smart city […]

Honeywell pumps up energy IIoT with new partnership

Honeywell is enhancing its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities in oil and gas through a collaboration with Aereon. According to Penn Energy, N.J.-based Honeywell is partnering with Aereon, an air emissions firm for the oil and gas sector. The collaboration will bolster Honeywell’s IIoT ecosystem to better allow such initiatives as its Connected Plant […]

smart clothes

When smart clothes start chatting up smart cities

For those wishing never to be lost in the crowd again, U.K. researchers are developing connected clothing that will turn its wearers into mobile sensors for smart cities. Scientists at Southampton University are developing smart clothes that interact with the wearer’s urban environment. See also: Are smart clothes the future of wearables? The wearable technology […]

IoT spending to reach $1.3 trillion by 2020 on hardware investment

New research sees Internet of Things (IoT) spending growing by nearly 16% by 2020 driven by hardware investments, primarily by manufacturers. The Journal reported on the release of the “Worldwide Semiannual Internet of Things Spending Guide” by International Data Corp.(IDC). The IDC report found that IoT spending will reach $1.29 trillion worldwide by 2020, representing […]

AT&T pilots smart city projects around Chicago

AT&T and the City of Chicago are deepening their smart city partnership with a pilot project for smart kiosks and bus shelters. The telecoms giant is expanding its smart cities work in the city with the new structures that will provide free Wi-Fi. The announcement of the project, which will roll the technology out within […]

San Antonio lines up $8 million in 2017 smart city projects

San Antonio is ramping up its smart city efforts in 2017 with a focus on digital services, transportation, and sustainability. The Texas city is earmarking $8 million in its 2017 budget for nine smart city projects. This is a result of the city’s decision in 2016 to escalate from trial projects to aligning tech projects […]

India hopeful Trump will continue US support of smart cities

Though Donald Trump has yet to move into the White House, smart city projects in India have already been discussed with his transition team. Business Insider mentioned that discussions have been held between Trump representatives and other government parties over U.S. plans to help develop three Indian smart cities. The Obama administration previously signed a memorandum […]

The network of city skyline

Smart city startups plumb the waterworks for IoT data

Data-related opportunities await Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs in smart city water programs as top-down utilities allow smaller players to play. Ecopreneurist recounted some of the more interesting ideas to emerge from a recent MIT conference on smart city water issues. Smart water management is seen as a blooming opportunity for eco-startups, with the market expected […]

Get My Parking

Get My Parking launches smart city pilot in India

Studies of traffic congestion regularly point much blame at cars circling for parking. To tackle this perennial problem, Get My Parking is joining a smart city initiative to launch a smart parking pilot in India. As reported in Firstpost, the Delhi-based startup’s technology is being tested in government smart city initiatives. “We are getting a […]

Aye! Smart city projects squirrel away $31m in Scotland

Scotland’s seven major cities are teaming up to develop a number of smart city projects, backed by a $31 million war chest. According to Scottish Construction Now, the seven cities will springboard off the funding to collaboratively develop themselves into future-capable digital hubs. See also: Outdated thinking on wireless could doom UK smart cities The […]