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Canada’s health wearables coming in from cold

Canada’s own version of Silicon Valley for fitness and health wearables is flourishing along the tri-city corridor of Montreal, Toronto, and Waterloo. The close proximity of these cities to the U.S. has allowed cutting edge wearables makers to quietly develop and test-drive technologies in Canada before launching them on the much-larger American consumer market. However, […]

smart homes

Smart homes more hackable with weak IoT security

Smart homes’ connected technologies are leaving homeowners vulnerable to data and privacy theft, according to a new study that examined several common IoT consumer devices. IoTTech News reports that research by Romanian internet security software maker Bitdefender identified four common IoT products that were susceptible to cyber attack: WeMo switch, LinkHub, LIFX Bulb and the […]

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Can IoT help stop the utility death spiral?

Electrical utilities who dive deep into the Internet of Things (IoT) can potentially leverage the emerging technology to build new, stronger relationships with their customer base. Notably, IoT will allow utilities to develop trusted advisory relationships with customers previously beyond the scope of traditional power delivery. A new report from Navigant Research on the U.S. […]


Massachusetts clearing a lane for self-driving cars

Massachusetts is a state known for its progressive government support of innovation and academe. But with the emergence of self-driving cars, government officials are being challenged to balance their role as tech industry boosters and that of regulatory watchdog in the name of public safety. According to, several Massachusetts government departments will soon convene […]

HP Wearables

HP wearables moves into smart ID badges

Hewlett-Packard is looking to expand from its existing wearables presence in the consumer market into the commercial segment, with new R&D focused on smart corporate ID badges. Now UK news outlet The Register reports that HP is looking to dominate the commercial wearables realm, which the company sees as holding greater potential than commercial products. […]


Canadian IIoT startups reborn in wake of oil crash

The fast-growing Canadian Internet of Things (IoT) market is poised to exceed USD$4.9 billion by 2018. However, if Canadian industrial IoT (IIoT) is to aspire to such lofty heights, the industry must navigate several challenges  – like a low dollar environment that can be both a blessing and a curse. In a 2015 report, International […]


M2.COM module unveiled by IoT consortium

A consortium of tech companies unveiled a new module specifically designed for IoT devices and sensors. The M2.COM module combines data collection, networking and computing capability in a single module that can upgrade obsolete applications to IoT capability. As reported by New Electronics, the M2.COM module was created by Advantech, ARM, Bosch, Texas Instruments and […]


Wi-Fi industry standards needed to fuel IoT growth

For the Internet of Things (IoT) to grow to its full potential, security systems for enterprise Wi-Fi networks need to copy their more efficient wireless brethren, cellular networks and develop security standards tailored for the burgeoning IoT revolution. According to an article in NetworkWorld, multiple obstacles exist when attempting to securely connect a complex array […]


Bluetooth IoT devices tout new energy savings

The industry organization that develops Bluetooth standards introduced a new energy-efficient specification for Internet of Things (IoT) devices last week, with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) unveiling a new specification for devices that contain Bluetooth and other radios at the Bluetooth World conference. According to IOT Journal, the new specification – dubbed Transport Discovery […]


Robot trolleys (self)drive up productivity at BMW

Some of BMW’s factory floors are seeing new workers underfoot, and they aren’t the usual summer interns. The German car maker is trying out suitcase-sized robot trolleys in some of its factories as part of an initiative to cut costs by 5%. Automotive News Europe reports that the self-driving vehicles debuted this month in Wackersdorf, […]


Cisco’s Berlin “Smart City” effort aims to help digitize citizens’ lives

According to a report in ZDNet, the IT networking giant announced plans last week to invest in digitizing the lives of Berlin residents in conjunction with local government. The focus of Cisco’s Berlin efforts is on three key areas: telemedicine, security and network infrastructure improvements. The Berlin initiatives are part of Cisco’s $500 million “Deutschland […]

Gartner warns of coming IoT data management overload

The growth of Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly increasing the amount of data generated, and industry experts warn that the current river of unstructured data will soon turn into a flood. Alarmingly, a recent study highlighted concerns that most proposed approaches could lead to data management overload ineffective for the coming torrent of data. Enterprise […]