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Can IoT-assisted asset tracking save shippers trillions?

Global supply chains are undergoing a massive Internet of Things (IoT) transformation that will generate huge economic value. A new report by Business Insider says that new connected technology will unlock $1.9 trillion, citing estimates by Cisco Systems and logistics giant DHL. Specifically, it is the advent of IoT devices and related asset tracking solutions […]


U.S. backs research into smart shirts for emergency responders

The U.S. government is funding an Internet of Things (IoT) project that is developing sensor-based smart shirts for first responders. Fed Tech Magazine reports that the Department of Homeland Security is bankrolling research into wearables that can track the health of firefighters and other emergency crew in near real-time. See also: Canada’s health wearables coming […]

California self-driving dreamin’ hits industry’s sour reality

California’s recently proposed rules for autonomous vehicle testing are getting a thumbs down from developers of robotic cars. Yahoo! announced the state released its proposal for regulations that govern the testing of autonomous vehicles. But industry leaders, including representatives from Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, are raising fears that these regulations will significantly bog down development of […]

IIoT could boost GDP by $15 trillion, though data barriers remain

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to spark mindblowing levels of global GDP growth over the coming years if industry can overcome significant barriers around data. Value Walk discussed the potential of the IIoT market, which GE research predicts will help generate a $10-$15 trillion boost in global GDP over the next 20 years. […]

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Can the smartwatch market recover from big declines?

A recent research report revealed major declines in the global smartwatch market, raising fears that these wearables are continuing their downward spiral. In the report, research firm International Data Corp. (IDC) found that the worldwide smartwatch market saw significant declines from last year. IDC found that volumes of shipped smartwatches fell nearly 52% in the third […]

Apple picks Blackberry talent for driverless car OS

In a move to bulk up its future self-driving car software platform, Apple has set up a Canadian unit to develop an automotive operating system. Bloomberg says Apple has poached dozens of software engineers from QNX, a subsidiary of cell phone maker Blackberry. Apple’s new unit will be based in a suburb of the Canadian capital of […]

Newark starts smart-city small with a new kiosk

Though Newark, N.J.’s most sought-after piece of urban infrastructure may be the exit sign after landing at the airport, a new smart city kiosk project looks to make the city more welcoming. GCN says the City of Newark recently unveiled a  hi-tech kiosk as the first public project of its smart city strategy. The newly unveiled […]

Are smart city startups the 2.0 version of cleantech firms?

The smart city space is basking in interest from global governments and companies looking to invest where environment and technology intersect. This intersection was formerly considered the domain of cleantech, and under the smart city mantle it may be so again. A recent Bloomberg article raised the notion that many cleantech startups are rebranding as […]

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Is cybersecurity for smart cities being dangerously underestimated?

As governments around the globe barrel headlong into the smart city wave, cybersecurity experts are raising the alarm about the proliferation of unsecured technology.  This is from a recent Trustwave study that surveyed 203 information security experts working with local and state governments in the U.S. See also: Dyn DDoS attack shows the weaknesses on the new […]

Driverless cars will definitely need smart road infrastructure

While much ink is spilled about car-to-car communication by the autonomous vehicle press, the concept of car-to-infrastructure communication is now gaining traction. A recent article by the Application Resource Center discusses the importance that smart road infrastructure will play in the development of autonomous vehicles. “If we look at it in a very basic level, […]

Market for “hearable” devices could reach $16B by 2020

Wearable technology is about to expand into a whole new sub-market via your ear-holes with the advent of “hearables.” And this new category of connected devices for your ears is beginning to make its mark on global markets. Experts predict that the hearables market could surpass $16 billion by 2020. A key component to the rosy […]

Toronto’s SideFX designing VR smart city projects for Singapore

SideFX is expanding its visual effects capabilities into a series of innovative virtual reality (VR) projects for Singapore as part of the Asian city-state’s sweeping smart city masterplan. The Toronto-based company is well known in the global entertainment industry for its 3D and visual effects expertise on many blockbuster movies and video games. But now […]

Bloomberg project to help ten cities gear up for self-driving cars

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a project to help 10 cities around the globe get ready for autonomous vehicles. An article by State Scoop reports that the billionaire announced the launch of the “Bloomberg Aspen Initiative on Cities and Autonomous Vehicles.” The new initiative will partner Bloomberg’s philanthropy organization with the Aspen […]

Google will watch the watchers with Eyefluence acquisition

Global tech behemoth Google has quietly acquired the startup Eyefluence which tracks user eye movements in virtual reality environments. According to ZDnet, Google bought the Milpitas, CA-based firm for an undisclosed amount. Established in 2013, Eyefluence develops software that tracks eye movements for use in augmented and virtual reality applications. Google’s motives for the acquisition weren’t […]

Smart city project to boost Tallahassee resiliency, urban mobility

Florida State University (FSU) is partnering with the City of Tallahassee on an urban mobility project that aims to boost smart city resiliency. According to the university is working with city officials to enhance Tallahassee’s utilization of current transportation and power systems. The city is looking to determine how to better handle large-scale civic […]

India inks tech-leveraging smart city pact with Russia

India signed a deal with Russia over the cooperation of smart city initiatives and the use of IT technology from Russian companies. As reported by the Times of India, Russia and India signed the Memorandum of Understanding against the backdrop of bilateral talks between the two countries. The MOU was signed in Goa, where Russian […]

Singapore government pivots toward “Smart Nation” strategy

In a bid to fulfill its ambitious Smart Nation 2025 strategy, the Singapore government has undertaken a major realignment of its innovation agencies. The Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) recently launched in a merger of two government agencies covering IT and digital media. The IMDA is involved in a broad array of initiatives that include […]

Dubai crowned as Gulf region’s top smart city

A new study has ranked Dubai as the top smart city in the Persian Gulf region, thanks to its strategic vision and practical approach. An article by Computer News Middle East reported on the recent study by research firm Navigant Consulting. The report was commissioned by Chinese tech telecoms equipment maker Huawei. In the report, […]