Magic Leap has finally revealed what it calls as the creator edition of its augmented reality glasses: Magic Leap One. The Magic Leap One consists of Lightwear glasses, a computing platform called Lightpack and a handheld remote controller. The company says it will start shipping of the mixed-reality glasses in 2018.

Magic Leap One

Magi Leap One is a device that tricks our brain into seeing things that aren’t there through the use of an artificial light field. Magic Leap says the device is supposed to accept multiple input modes including voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking. An SDK is supposedly coming in early 2018. The Magic Leap will be available in two sizes, with the option of custom forehead, nose, and temple pads. The company is currently working on getting prescription lenses built into models. The Lightpack controller comes with a dedicated graphics card and can clip to a belt or shoulder pad. Another lower-powered computer is built in the goggles, which handles world detection and includes some kind of machine learning capabilities. The device has four built-in microphones, built-in speakers and at least six external cameras.


Price and Availability

Magic Leap will launch the device in 2018, however, no exact date has been revealed as of yet. Also, the company hasn’t put up any price point for the device. While the company hasn’t opened the preorders yet, you can sign up to be the first to know when it’s available.
Magic Leap has been working on this project ever since it was founded back in 2011. The startup has received a lot of funding from various tech companies including Google. But the Florida based company is yet to show a single piece of hardware. The Magic Leap One is actually the ninth generation of this hardware; it’s just the first that will come to market for the general public. The company had however made a similar promise before, with an SDK supposed to be shipped in 2015. So until the device is officially launched, all we can say is Magic Leap is still working on augmented reality glasses.