Google putting in efforts to improve the Wear OS is not unknown. In the last two months, Google rolled out two major updates to the platform. The Wear OS 2.1 update in October changed the entire look of the platform, while the “System Version: H Update” in November introduced Android Pie to Wear OS smartwatches. Google has now announced some new features for its Google Fit app that’d certainly enhance Wear OS smartwatch experience.
Google is also introducing a new guided breathing app to the Wear OS smartwatches. The company hasn’t yet shown off how this app will look, but it should work in the same way similar apps work on other platforms.

Google Fit gets more smart features

Google Fit for your smartphone is getting more new features. The app now lets you add a widget to your home screen, allowing you to quickly view your Heart Points, Move Points and additional activity tracking metrics. If you’re not sure what Heart Points and Move Points are, you can read about them here.

Google is also adding the ability to log a more accurate description of your intensity levels when you manually log an activity. You can now indicate how intense your workout recent session was by swiping on a slider in the Fit app.
Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch are way ahead in fitness features, but Wear OS is surely catching up. And these new additions will certainly do a world of good to fitness buffs with Wear OS watches. The features are being rolled out to compatible watches in phases and may take some time to reach you device.
Meanwhile, Google could launch a smartwatch of its own in the coming months. The company has been long rumored of it and has patented a few designs as well.