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bad credit card habits

How to Break Your Credit/Debit Card Bad Habits

We can all slide into questionable habits. Eating a second helping of pumpkin pie. Overdoing it at the gym on the weekend. Not flossing every night. Most of these habits aren’t too serious and won’t have long term ramifications. However, falling into undesirable money patterns is another story. Here is how to break your credit […]

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are fast approaching so it’s time to start shopping for all those on your gift list this year. These gifts have good-tech for the techie in your life — but are easy-use so that you aren’t stuck all holiday morning installing your gift (we’ve all been there). We’ve put together a list of […]


Bedsure Mattress Toppers Review

Sleep is often elusive for many, so it’s a priority to find a sleep solution that delivers a comfortable night and a quality slumber. Recently, I was introduced to Bedsure, a company that offers premium, affordable bedding solutions like their new memory foam mattress toppers I received one of each to try on a couple […]


URGOnight: New Sleep Device to Improve Sleep Quality

Sleep has been more difficult in recent years for many people due to a more hectic life and greater life stresses. Now, with the recent pandemic, sleep has become even more elusive for some. While there are sleep assist apps already available, nothing quite matches the unique approach to improved sleep quality like URGONight. Recently, […]

FluidStance The Level Balance Board

FluidStance The Level: Balance Board for Standing Desks

As a balance board for standing desks, the Level by FluidStance is a truly unique product. With certifications that include the Mayo Clinic’s NEAT certification, an eco-friendly design, and high-quality materials, this is a product worth considering as a tool to do better in today’s sedentary work and life environments. Here’s my review. First of […]

Foreao Luna 3 Men

Foreo Luna 3: Men’s Sonic Beard Cleaning Solution

Offering a new way to clean and soften beards, the Foreo Luna 3 for Men uses its patented T-Sonic pulsations for a deep facial clean. Priced at $199.99, the cleanser also works for those without facial hair as well as a pre-shaving tool device. This means any guy can benefit from this facial cleaning line […]