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Eero WiFi Mesh range extender

Eero WiFi: Mesh Wi-Fit Range Extender has got You Covered

Being able to get reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout a home or office complex has become a priority for many who need reliable Internet access for working, streaming, downloading. When you have a group of people in your office space, all competing for bandwidth, things can get desperate. Mesh networks have been gaining popularity as a […]

Da Vinci faucet

Da Vinci Fountain Faucet: An Eco-Friendly Water Tap

Faucets for bathrooms and kitchens have pretty much remained the same since they were invented except for some minor changes and evolving shape and color trends. However, one startup company decided to address some inherent flaws in faucet design. Here is the Da Vinci fountain faucet, which is an eco-friendly water tap. The Da Vinci […]

Best Mattresses of 2020

Best Mattress Brands of 2020

It is no secret that sleep plays a significant role in our health and well-being. Recent medical reports show that healthy adults who suffer from short-term sleep issues experience increased stress response, pain, reduced quality of life, emotional distress, and mood disorders. Symptoms of long-term sleep disruption are even more alarming; these include an increased […]

blockchain and crypto speakers

Top 25 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Speakers

Cryptocurrencies, the blockchains, smart contracts, and proof of work. The new world of finance is filled with strange terms and unique concepts. If you want to know what the blockchain can do and where digital finance is going — the best way to find out is by listening to an expert. Many of the world’s […]

community matters

In the Age of Tech, Community Matters More than Ever

For all of the efficiencies that technology has brought to the business world, it’s made at least one thing more difficult: creating community. Social media and AI-based matching platforms increase interaction in terms of quantity, not quality. Ask anyone with a Facebook or Tinder profile: Do a dozen posts hold a candle to a single, […]