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working from home

How to Earn an Income Working from Home

A few years ago,  remote work was typically only available to management-level individuals and executives. The remote workers had to be within large companies and be among those who had put in years of work to gain such an enviable opportunity. Fast forward to 2019 as we transition into what many are deeming the “gig […]

jewelry for ways to finance business

Hybrid Lender Wants to Finance Your Startup with Jewelry Equity

For many entrepreneurs, the greatest challenge to building or growing a new venture is funding. Particularly for startups that are not in the more attractive sectors such as software and technology, raising capital almost always proves to be difficult for an early-stage company with no track record. According to Fundera, only 0.05% of startups raise […]

3 Ways to Navigate Regulations in the Robo Revolution

Robots seem like the stuff of science fiction. NASA’s new LEMUR robot, designed to climb rock walls on Mars, is no exception. But here on Earth, the forward march of automation continues, transforming business and society. But there’s a barrier holding us back from realizing the full potential of emerging tech: regulatory bottlenecks. Regulations are […]