Amazon had its very own fall event, where they released many items. 2, in particular, are more special than the rest of the items – in our humble opinion. The Ring Always Home Cam, and an Alexa Robot named Astro. It has a 10-inch display, has Alexa, and has a camera that can go up and down if the robot feels like something is wrong. As for the Surveillance drone, it activates when the door seems to be forced open, and it begins flying towards the source. The feed will be sent to the owner’s device where they will be able to record the thief entering.

Amazon Astro

The robot made by Amazon has many sensors, a camera that can go up or down, a 10-inch display, 2 cup holders when the robot needs to send a drink to another person and has a voice assistant also made by Amazon, Alexa. The robot can last for a whole day before automatically returning to the room its charger is in to charge. When it needs to charge, it will flash up on the screen saying “Going to Charge”. When it is delivering a drink to someone, all they have to do is say who they want to deliver the drink to after putting it in the 2 cup holders. Unfortunately, Astro does not have arms or legs, so if you want to deliver something on another floor, Astro can’t help you.
As for a security system, Astro can be used as a monitoring system, as it can send notifications if it sees an unknown person, and will send notifications if any other various actions happen.

Always Home Cam

The Ring Always Home Cam can do a similar job to Amazon Astro, except it does it from the air. The battery from it can last up to 5 minutes while flying, and will automatically return to its charger when the battery runs out. You have to teach the drone the routes to take, say if the doorbell was in the hallway, while your drone is in the kitchen. You would need to teach it how to get there. It has 4 rotors. Amazon says that pets may need to get used to it though. Basically, all the surveillance camera is, is just 1 camera mounted on a drone that has Wi-Fi, and connects to a sensor that resides next to your wall, and will alert the drone if the door has opened.
The drone isn’t new, as it was made it 2020, but wasn’t publically available.

So far the products are in “Day 1” essentially meaning that the products will change over the years, and will improve. What would it look like?