Amazon Echo and Google Home have now become the household names when it comes to all-connect smart speakers. There’s also a smaller version of the Google Home in the market, named as Google Home Mini. If you’ve got either of the devices or are planning to get one, here’s a quick look at what these devices can bring to you.

  • Play almost any song you want

With these smart speakers, you can listen to virtually any song you want just by a voice command. Not just songs, you can also request playlists or play by artist or albums. You can also ask Alexa or Google to offer a playlist for your mood, or for a specific holiday like Christmas.

  • Control your Smart home

You can integrate the Amazon Echo or Google Home Mini with a number of home automation hubs. This allows you to control the lights or temperature or any other connected devices in the room with a simple command.

  • Get information on current weather, movies and more

Too bored to get up and look at the clock or your phone for time? Well, your smart speaker is always there at your service. Just ask her “Hey Alexa/Google, what time is it?” and you’ll get the exact time. You can ask for the time in a specific location as well. The same applies to movies running in theatres near you. You can also ask for weather conditions around you or any other cities you please.

In addition to these, Amazon Echo and Google Home Mini boast a number of features that make your daily life easier. These include-

  • Currency exchange rate
  • Bitcoin values
  • Virtual coin toss
  • Recipes
  • Lottery numbers
  • Reminders

As we see, both the devices have a number of features to offer. However, it’s a pretty simple guess that these devices are not completely similar. For instance, Amazon Echo can read audiobooks from Audible, while Google Home Mini can’t. On the other hand, Google Home Mini has a very cool “Voice Recognition” feature. If you have multiple peoples in the household who use the device, it can recognize the voice of the speaker and work accordingly.
Now it’s up to you to decide which one to buy. And if you already own one, don’t dare to think that you should’ve gone for the other device. None is inferior to the other.