You can almost hear fusty old Yoda’s warning: “For consumerization, the lightsaber is not.”

He’s right, but don’t tell Wicked Lasers, maker of the 1.25-watt blue S3 Arctic series handheld laser.

As a point of reference, standard laser pointers are less than 5/1000 of a watt.

Even before you attach the 32-inch polycarbonate blade attachment, which Wicked also sells to create one very real looking lightsaber, the Arctic is megawatts cooler than other patently dangerous tools on the market.

Here are some Arctic rules that should convince and sober you:

  1. Don’t stare at the blue blob of light created by pointing the laser at a wall. (You could blind yourself.)
  2. Don’t point it at cars. (You could quickly, though temporarily, blind a driver, who might still run you over.)
  3. Don’t point it at even high-flying jets (You could harm the eyesight of someone onboard. Someone like the pilot.)
  4. Don’t point it at spacecraft. (While its beam is visible from space, you couldn’t blind an astronaut. However, as a general rule, never piss off someone who can drop a tank of oxygen on your house.)

Legit uses for a powerful handheld laser like the Arctic, according to Wicked, include search-and-rescue, military/law enforcement, astronomy and, outside the U.S., medicine.

If you have $400 and extraordinary commonsense, buy one (there’s also a $300 1-watt version). The LaserSaber blade attachment adds another $100. But they’re all totally worth it.