Are you one of those people that has spent the past decade walking through life looking for opportunities to squeeze yet another Big Lebowsky quote into a conversation? Or perhaps you feel that the best way to express your thoughts is not with your own words, but the properly woven poesy of Wordsworth?

If you’re a quotation maven of the nth degree, then Quotebook could be your new favorite friend for the iPhone.

Quotebook calls itself “an iOS app for collecting and sharing the quotes that matter to you.” I might call it the favorite new tool of all you RenFaire loving, Simpsons obsessing, Shakespeare memorizing, D&D playing, literary quotation hounds out there.

So what does it do? Quotebook lets you quickly excerpt quotes from things you read and catalog them in a personal database, offering quick sharing options to Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS and Tumblr. If you’re reading something on your iPhone, you can select the text and the app will detect it in your clipboard upon opening. If you’re not entirely sure about the quote, you can even look up Authors on Wikipedia and WikiQuote, where you can browse for other quotes.

Once you post a quote, you can tag it according to author, topic, and even give it a rating – all of which can later be searched. At the bottom of the main screen, you can navigate your quotes by either the quote itself, the author, source or tag. And if you want to hang on to these quotes (and who wouldn’t?) you can export, backup and email your quotes directly from within the app.