I can’t count the times I’ve wanted to film a video blog or upload a video to YouTube, but didn’t because I was daunted by all the steps it would take to upload a video – including everything from editing it to locating a musical score. Not only are these steps daunting, but they take a lot of time. It seems I wasn’t alone, because YouTube has responded on Monday with the launch of YouTube Capture, a free app “designed for speed.”  

YouTube Capture not only makes uploading your video to YouTube easier, but also color corrects, stabilizes your video if your hands were shaking, and makes it easy to trim your video and add musical tracks. The app will even “remind you to rotate your phone to a horizontal position for filming, so your videos look high-quality and free of ‘Vertical Video Syndrome.'”  

Being as I am iPhoneless, I asked Dan Rowinski – ReadWrite’s mobile expert – to take the app for a test drive. Apart from having to sign up for a YouTube Channel, Rowinski found the speed and ease of the app useful. “I could have been through the whole process in minutes. Shoot, add a thing or two, and onto YouTube in seconds, really. If I was into that type of thing, that would seem pretty cool.”

YouTube Capture is currently available only on the iPhone and iPod Touch, though in an official YouTube blog post announcing the app, software engineer Reed Morse wrote the team is working on making the app available on Android soon. No word on if YouTube will make the app available for BlackBerry or Windows Phone 8.