Xiaomi has announced that they are creating Smart Glasses that will feature a display inside, a camera, and even navigation. The ad claims that the glasses will be able to translate certain thing’s just by you looking at them when you tell the assistant of course.

This can create an augmented reality feeling as thing’s pop up from a display that has every pixel-sized at 4μm, about the size of a grain of rice according to Xiaomi. Using wavelength technology, you can then see large menu icons, such as the time at the very top, and the rest of the thing’s that pop up is about at the middle. Smartphone connectivity is not always needed, however, as the glasses have a camera that has not been specified yet, you cannot view the images you take on the glasses, you have to view them on a smartphone.

Apart from that, the watch has a quad-core ARM processor and run a new OS built-in – but the name has not been released. They have “communication modules” for data and voice connectivity. All these amazing features just make the glasses weigh at around 51g. Other than this info, Xiaomi hasn’t released anything else. They seem to be silent for now.