Dave Winer: “Much weblog writing is functional, not artistic. Jon Udell…writes about SpiderPhone because he wants to tell you about a piece of technology that interests him. The writing helps him sort it out, even if no one were to read it.”

One of my goals in my weblog is to write original articles, rather than simply link to lots of other weblogs. So I like the above quote from Dave Winer, because it sums up my attitude to weblogging. Writing about my chosen subject, the Read/Write web, helps me to analyse it. Publishing to a weblog pushes me to come up with new ideas, because it defeats the purpose to repeat what others are saying. I’m pretty sure no one is reading my weblog right now but, like Dave says, it doesn’t really matter. My weblog is my creative outlet – not to create “art” but to understand and create new ideas about the Read/Write web. Who knows, maybe someday thanks to my weblog I will come up with the next killer web app! 😉