My ZDNet post today explores the reasons behind Google’s new syndication format, GData. Like most people, Jeff Jarvis isn’t sure what this means – and neither is Dave
. I’m in the same boat, but what I do know is that Google has taken a
sudden interest in extending RSS and Atom. Check out this Google Base
documentation, for RSS 2.0
and for all
syndication formats
. This is all about enabling bulk upload of items into Google
, which you’ll recall is Google’s potential
giant database
of structured data on the Web. Google is obviously eyeing RSS
(or syndication in general) as a means of getting people to upload data to
Google Base. But why did Google feel the need to create a new protocol, called GData?

My initial reaction was that GData is a way to mix RSS/Atom with their APIs,
in order to better integrate their increasing
number of web applications
. I’m not sure if this points to less of a walled
garden, or paradoxically more of one because Google is defining the
protocol now.

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