So Russell Beattie has decided to call
it a day
. I admit his decision surprised me, because I’ve always enjoyed
reading Russ’ well-informed commentary on the mobile Web. However it did make me
wonder – what would cause other people to give up blogging?

Here are the top ten
reasons I could think of:

10. Your Alexa ranking is so low that it
actually drops below the horizontal axis.

9. You are the number 1 result in Google for “blogorrhoea”.

8. You never get any links from A-listers, despite constantly linking to
them. Well there was that one time when Mike Arrington linked to you in his
diary blog Crunchnotes, but he used
the ‘nofollow’

7. Your commentary on new products and services is so bad that even web 2.0
PR companies refuse to email you.

6. Valleywag doesn’t merely ignore you,
it laughs about you behind your back on

5. You once got a mention on Steve
Rubel’s blog
, but in a post entitled ‘How NOT to blog’ (and he refused to link to you).

4. You once tried to be a Snarky blogger, but all the other snarky bloggers
then turned snarky on you and you ended up converting to a new religion to

3. You’ve tried being controversial in order to gain attention, especially
with a memorable post entitled ‘Why Web 2.0 is like the Hindenburg Blimp’, but
nobody took the bait.

2.  Your Technorati rank has 8 figures in it.

1. According to Gabe Rivera’s algorithms, tumbleweeds have a better chance of
making it onto Tech.Memeorandum than your blog.

Photo: wonderbread74