There’s a nice meme just started, asking people to list their Top 24 posts of 2004 (via). I
decided to check out my web stats and dig out the most-visited posts of 2004 for
Read/Write Web. They may not necessarily be “the best” posts in terms of quality, but the
people have spoken and the following posts were the most popular. Actually a lot of my
favourites did make it to the list, which is great. A few odd ones too, that I wouldn’t
have picked. 

Here is my top of the pops for 2004:

1. Interview with Marc

2. The Fractal

3. There is no End

4. Weblogs as Avatars: some

5. Knowledge Management for
Generation Y

6. Analysing Bloglines
Subscriber Stats

7. Internal Corporate

8. A Theory of Synchronicity
for the Web

9. Information Flow

10. A New Kind of

11. Fractal Web applied to

12. Reaching for the Golden
Ring (or Getting Paid)

13. Multimedia

14. Mama don’t let your baby
grow up to be a Generalist

15. We’re all on the same

16. Stasis and

17. Reliance

18. Notes on Tim O’Reilly’s
Oscon 2004 speech

19. Quick thoughts on Kottke’s

20. Knowledge Management in the
Real World

NB: I interrupt the list there, because turns out there’s nothing after early August –
not even the Slashdotted Lucas
Gonze interview
in October. That surprises me, but I guess it goes to show how much
extra traffic Google brings for a blog post in the months following its publication. So
to make up for the lack of recent stuff, to finish my Top 24 list here are 4 of my
favourite posts from September-November 2004:

* Why Yahoo! + RSS = Good

* Content Renaissance On The

* Tim O’Reilly

* Branding

There you have it, those are my most popular posts of 2004! I’d love to read other
peoples lists. It’s a good way to get to know a blogger’s interests and themes. Plus, for the
writer, it’s a handy way to build up a recommendation list for new readers.