Microsoft unveils IoT Central to simplify Internet of Things development

Microsoft announced on Thursday a new “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) offering, called IoT Central, aimed at reducing the complexity of building Internet of Things solutions. IoT Central allows developers to create software and hardware without cloud expertise, a necessity for large-scale IoT solutions in the past. Microsoft does not say exactly how the service reduces the need […]

Your Cloud Provider Is Toast. Now What?

Given the risk of SaaS failure, is open source a viable back-up plan? Should cloud providers be offering a version of their product as open source so that customers can continue running the service locally if the vendor dies?

Oracle’s Big Miss: The End Of An Enterprise Era?

Oracle missing one quarter isn’t a big deal, but Oracle’s big miss signals significant changes in how enterprise technology is bought and sold. It’s an open question whether vendors like Oracle will be able to embrace things like cloud and open source in time to maintain their existing businesses while creating new ones for the future.

What Salesforce Doesn’t Tell You At Dreamforce

What Salesforce Doesn’t Tell You At Dreamforce

Salesforce, a pioneer in delivering business software over the Internet, is turning to social business and collaboration services to expand into new markets and keep its revenue engine running. So it’s no surprise that the company’s Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco this week is a love fest for social networking for business. But…