Dennis Turpitka

Dennis Turpitka

Founder and CEO of Apriorit

Dennis Turpitka is founder and CEO of Apriorit, a software development company that provides engineering services globally to tech companies, including Fortune 500 tech giants.

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How Virtualization Transforms Software Testing

In software development, the amount of time invested in software testing directly correlates to the success of a finished product. That being said, no one can afford to test a product endlessly when the priority is getting it to market. Techniques like unit testing have helped to streamline how software developers critique their creations, but these […]

Creating a Lean and Functional SaaS Accounting App

Companies and startups are turning to software-as-a-service solutions for their accounting needs more and more. Plenty of licensed software products exist in the market, but SaaS apps provide advantages that programs like Microsoft Excel can’t. First, SaaS accounting apps are often less expensive thanks to their subscription models and users’ ability to exclude features they […]