Jitendra Dabhi

Founder of TechUntouch

Jitendra Dabhi is a 30 year guy working as SEO executive and running blog Tech Untouch. He is very passionate about blogging and his area of interests are SEO & Internet Marketing.

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How to Become an Expert Copywriter 8 Tricks to Learn

Content has claimed its place in the most significant approaches. The changing Google algorithm updates emphasize the use of best SEO practices, which demands quality content. Therefore, the importance of a good copywriter increase in the market, and simultaneously, surging demand for experienced copywriters is created. Here is how to become an expert copywriter and […]

5 Tips for Staying Safe on Public WiFi Networks

Free Wi-Fi connectivity can be found almost anywhere these days. Free WiFi is, obviously, a good thing for the hundreds and thousands of people worldwide that need public Wi-Fi to access the internet. We know now, that this blessing can also be a little bit of curse. The fact that public WiFi is always open […]

Top 12 Advantages of Software as a Service (SaaS)

The evolution of technology has brought forward a mass change in the enterprise solution. The infrastructure is evolving with modern amenities and adopting different Software. The adoption of different software is, in turn, helping every individual to grow with modern smart amenities. Here are the top twelve advantages of software as a service or (SaaS). […]

How to Avoid Becoming the Next Victim of a Data Breach

Preventing a data breach within your small business or large business is very vital. Cyber attackers and hackers targets websites, emails of an employee, and customer data mainly, as they are an easy target. Data breaches are becoming and growing more powerful. Still, even normal attacks can lead to a data breach. A breach costs […]

8 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure from Burglars

Making your home burglar-proof in an expensive way is not the only option. You can choose multiple ways to secure your home from burglars in an inexpensive and much affordable manner. The home security is about taking smart steps and paving the cornerstones for home security are also a vital part of the whole process.  […]