Metaverse in the Built World

Early Days of the Metaverse in the Built World

The metaverse isn’t created equal if we look at its adoption across sectors: gaming, retail, virtual events, and concerts have been quick to adopt it — even in early-stage implementation. On the more nascent side of the metaverse adoption spectrum sits office, residential real estate, and hospitality, which are just beginning to see possible use […]

The Metaverse Rise

The Metaverse Rise: Crypto, NFT, and Luxury Brands

In a decade, the metaverse has gone from sci-fi action movies to real-world phenomena. In 2021, for example, Facebook announced metaverse-focused initiatives, and people produced a deluge of metaverse-related material. One of the big questions is how affordable will the online world stay? Apocalypse 20 The metaverse is becoming as accurate as the material world. […]


The World of 2021 was Digital; Metaverse Booms in 2022

New COVID variants appear as we return to our world, altering our lives. It seems there is already another variant that has popped up in the last week to add to our Greek alphabet. 2021 was the year of IoATD (Internet of All Things Digital — I’m making that acronym up) — But the virtual […]

The Future of Connectivity

The Future of Connectivity: The Metaverse

The metaverse: You’ve heard of it. You’ve likely read about it. You may even be aware of how more and more companies across all industries, from software enterprises to luxury brands, are scaling into the metaverse. As this transition has been taking place over the past year, editorials have been flooded with articles explaining what […]

the metaverse

The Top 30 Most Influential People in The Metaverse

From Mark Zuckerberg stating that Facebook will become a metaverse company to Satya Nadella saying that one of the goals for Microsoft is the metaverse, you can’t read business news today without coming across the word du jour. While the metaverse is still being defined and developed, several key figures have become leading voices helping […]