Zaheer Dodhia

Zaheer Dodhia

Zaheer Dodhia is a serial entrepreneur and Founder of, a SaaS company that offers brand designs. He has a deep understanding of business needs, search engine, and has expertise in graphic design, computer recycling, and technology, which have motivated him to spearhead several online projects including ZillionDesigns, and He likes to cover topics like branding, graphic design, and computer recycling.

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What is a Brand Image and How Do You Measure it?

Brand image is a lot of things, depending on who you ask. It’s the primary identification of a company — true. It’s the way a company connects with its audience — also true. It’s the logo that marks products produced by the brand — well, now you’re oversimplifying. As a matter of fact, brand image […]

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How to Build Your Startup Brand from Scratch

Every business starts somewhere, and for a startup, that somewhere is in the concept. You get an idea for a great product, and then you build around it. Every aspect of your startup goes back to the kernel of the original idea, because that’s how building works. How to Build Your Startup Brand from Scratch […]