How IoT could let you better understand your workout data

With the increasing popularity of wearables, like Fitbit trackers and Apple Watches, people are starting to understand their fitness levels much better. By wearing Apple Watches, for instance, we can figure out our average heart rate while exercising; by wearing smart sport jackets, we can tell if our motion tails are correct — frequent use of wearables will […]

Garmin provides new safety feature in its fitness trackers

Garmin has added a new safety option to several of its fitness monitors with the addition of a new feature named Beacon, which was designed by Strava. Beacon, which was unveiled earlier this year, provides several features that focus on keeping hikers, cyclists, runners and other people safer when they exercise.  When these individuals leave […]

World’s second biggest wearables maker debuts new smartwatch

Chinese wearables maker Huami recently launched its latest product —  the Amazfit smartwatch. Anhui Huami Information Technology Co. Ltd. launched its new connected wearable device in late August. Huami, which is headquartered in the eastern Chinese city of Hefei, is better known as the maker of the Xiaomi fitness tracking wrist band which has sold more than […]

How to charge your smartwatch with your mobile

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) presented a new way to extend the battery life of fitness trackers and smartwatches, without stuffing a larger battery inside the device. The method, named Braidio, uses Bluetooth and radio-frequency identification (RFID) to send power from a larger device, like a smartphone or laptop, to smaller wearables. […]


Germans couldn’t be bothered with your fitness tracker

In Germany, almost half of the people that own a fitness tracker have stopped using it and more than 85 percent said they have no interest in purchasing a fitness tracker. It is dire news for the wearable market, of which fitness trackers make up more than half. Fitbit, the industry leader, sells more fitness trackers […]


Smart technology bringing smart revenues

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has reported that sales of tech products, such as drones, wearables and smart home appliances will increase 1.3 percent above last year’s industry revenues. The popularity of smart technology and the increased awareness about the Internet of Things should end up pushing the consumer technology industry within the U.S. to […]

Will wearables be commonplace in classrooms?

Will wearables be commonplace in classrooms?

Adoption of wearables in U.S. classrooms will supposedly grow at 46 percent annually till 2020, as more schools start to test virtual and augmented reality, fitness and location trackers. Research firm Technavio says that like iPads, wearables will become commonplace in the classroom, providing students with ways to enhance their learning and have a more […]

Will Jawbone’s future mean no more wearables?

Despite the popularity of fitness trackers and the spike in exercise wearables, rumors are swirling that Jawbone may be exiting the wearables technology competition. The company recently announced that it has ceased the manufacturing of its UP fitness trackers and is selling off its entire inventory to a third-party seller. But CEO Hosain Rahman has […]